'Solo debut' Bang Yedam, first concept photo revealed
'Solo debut' Bang Yedam, first concept photo revealed
Singer Bang Yedam created an emotional mood.

Bang Yedam released the concept photo of 'Miss You', a pre-released song from his first mini album 'ONLY ONE', through his official SNS at midnight on the 3rd.

The released photo shows Bang Yedam wearing a black suit, with blonde hair, and giving off a lonely atmosphere. Bang Yedam stood with his back to the piano, stimulating the viewers' curiosity about what kind of story he would tell.

In addition, Bang Ye Dam caught people's attention as he was deep in thought with his eyes closed. In particular, Bang Yedam's visuals, which give off a more mature feel than before, raised curiosity about the new album.

This pre-released song is a song that combines Bang Yedam's soulful vocals with a beautiful piano melody. This is Bang Yedam's first step as a producer, and he wrote and composed the song himself, expressing the theme of love with heartbreaking sadness.

Meanwhile, Bang Yedam will release his pre-released song 'Miss You' on various music sites on the 10th and his first mini album 'ONLY ONE' on the 23rd.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr
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