Kim Young-dae dies from the first episode? Opening my eyes again, ‘shock ending’
Kim Young-dae dies from the first episode? Opening my eyes again, ‘shock ending’
ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'The Moon Rising During the Day' boasted an overwhelming scale from the start.

‘The Moon Rising During the Day’ was first broadcast on the 1st. In the first episode, exciting developments unfold, from the story of Do-ha (Kim Young-dae) and Han Rita (Pyo Ye-jin), who became entangled in a bad relationship right after the war that destroyed Daegaya, to the first meeting between childish top star Han Jun-oh (Kim Young-dae) and miracle firefighter Kang Yeong-hwa (Pyo Ye-jin). lost. In particular, while Kang Young-hwa's Han Jun-oh's bickering tiki-taka, which he met for the first time at the public service advertisement filming site, aroused interest, the shocking development of Han Jun-oh, who was declared dead after falling into the water in a car, opens his eyes again, heightened curiosity about the future story.

This day's broadcast opened with the war to destroy Daegaya of Silla. General Doha of Silla, who took the lead, killed General Gaya (Ahn Gil-gang) and led the war to victory. Doha, which had only the goal of destroying Gaya and did not want to sacrifice innocent lives, executed the Gaya general's relatives as representatives, but spared the remaining Gaya refugees. Although he succeeded in saving so many people, General Gaya's daughter Hanrita, who lost her entire family at his hands, watched the entire process and pledged revenge on Doha.

And currently, firefighter Kang Young-hwa was doing a great job at the fire scene. Kang Young-hwa, who is called the 'miracle firefighter' because not a single person died at the scene, caught the eye by jumping into the rising flames without hesitation and saving the life of a dying dog without giving up. Meanwhile, the nation's boyfriend top star Han Joon-oh made people laugh by appearing as an immature person who broke up filming a public service advertisement to meet his girlfriend Jeong I-seul (Shin Jung-hye). And the professionalism of Min-oh's older brother and agency representative Han Min-oh (On Joo-wan), who will do anything to maintain his younger brother's title as the nation's boyfriend, has raised expectations for his future performance.

Han Jun-oh and Kang Yeong-hwa met for the first time at the filming site of a public service advertisement for honorary firefighters that began again. Kang Yeong-hwa is momentarily mesmerized by the perfect beauty of top star Han Jun-oh, but is also greatly enraged by his careless attitude as he has no intention of even learning CPR as an honorary firefighter. However, right after the bickering two people parted ways, an accident occurred in which Han Jun-oh, who was in the driver's seat of his car, fainted and rushed into the Han River. Kang Yeong-hwa, who witnessed this, jumped in without hesitation and came to the rescue. However, Han Jun-oh, who was taken to the hospital, was eventually declared dead, and the ending, in which Do-ha's soul possessed his body and awakened again after being taken to the morgue, was a huge shock to viewers.

ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Moon Rising During the Day' airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM on the ENA channel.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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