Will Lee Seon-kyun plead not guilty? Whether and how often drugs are used is key: “A confrontation with Mr. A is expected.”
Will Lee Seon-kyun plead not guilty? Whether and how often drugs are used is key: “A confrontation with Mr. A is expected.”
Actor Lee Sun-gyun (48) is summoned by the police for investigation. Attention is being paid to whether he, who has remained silent for a long time, will plead not guilty through the police investigation.

Lee Sun-kyun will appear at the Nonhyeon Police Station in Incheon on the afternoon of the 28th to be investigated on charges of violating the law on drug management. Lee Sun-kyun is expected to stand in the photo line on this day, and many people's attention is focused on what he will say regarding the charges.

It has been five days since Lee Sun-gyun was booked as a criminal without detention on the 23rd that he was summoned for investigation. In this investigation, the police are expected to check whether Lee Sun-gyun used drugs based on the internal investigation and investigation conducted after admission, and if so, will focus on interrogating him about the frequency and arbitrariness of drug use.

Lee Sun-kyun has neither admitted nor denied the charges against him. In response to the question, 'Do you admit the charges?' Lee Sun-kyun's lawyer told Ten Asia, "It is difficult to say anything at this time," and "We will faithfully undergo the police investigation." Even when asked again, he gave the same answer.

Regarding Lee Sun-gyun's silence, the legal community sees it as a 'cautious approach rather than an acknowledgment of the charges.' One legal official said, "If you express your position before receiving a formal investigation, there is a possibility that it will be adversely affected later on. Isn't there a saying, 'You have to beat on a stone bridge before you cross it?' They decided to take a cautious approach and then deny the charges. “I can see it,” he said. He added, "It appears that he will make claims that contradict the testimony of Mr. A, the madam of a Gangnam entertainment establishment, and I think the key is how to prove the issue."

On the 24th, the Incheon Police Agency's drug crime investigation unit booked Lee Seon-gyun without detention on the charge of psychotropic drugs in addition to marijuana under the Narcotics Management Act. Police believe that Lee Seon-gyun misused not only drugs such as marijuana, but also anesthetics and sleeping pills used for medical purposes.

Seon-gyun Lee is suspected of taking drugs with Mr. A at the home of Mr. A (29, female), the manager of an entertainment establishment in Gangnam. Mr. A is currently in custody, and the case is currently ongoing as he is being accused of blackmail by Seon-gyun Lee. The relationship between Lee Sun-gyun's drug charges and Mr. A's blackmail and threats charges is expected to become an issue.

Meanwhile, Mr. A, who can be seen as the nucleus of the drug gate that recently hit the entertainment industry, is accused of taking drugs at his home with Lee Sun-gyun and later extorting about 300 million won through threats. Mr. A was a habitual user of drugs, to the extent that he was found growing marijuana at the home of an acquaintance where he was hiding, and it is interpreted that it is highly likely that he was supplying drugs to customers who visited the entertainment establishment where he worked.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google