Lee Jun-gi finally takes the throne → Kisses Shin Se-kyung ‘Happy Ending’
Lee Jun-gi finally takes the throne → Kisses Shin Se-kyung ‘Happy Ending’
‘Sword of Aramun’ ended with Lee Joon-gi becoming the owner of Arthdal and opening a new world.

The tvN Saturday-Sunday drama 'Sword of Aramun', which aired on the 22nd, had a heart-warming ending, showing the final war between Arthdal and the Ago Union and Eunseom's (Lee Jun-ki)'s Arthdal finally winning and achieving unity.

First, Tagon's (played by Jang Dong-gun) miserable words heightened the sense of immersion that one cannot take one's eyes off. As if the natural prophecy had come true, Tagon saw Eunseom's reflection in Saya's (Lee Jun-gi) obsidian mirror, and after a fierce sword fight, Eunseom's head was cut off by his hands. The person who ended that pain once and for all was none other than Taealha (Kim Ok-bin). The farewell words of Tagon and Taealha, who had a war-like love, made my heart ache.

Tanya's brilliant sacrifice to prevent Tagon's extreme plan also left a deep impression. Without hesitation, he threw himself into an undried spring mixed with a large amount of jade acid and locked the floodgate. Even as she was dying with her entire body drenched in poison, Tanya spread the teachings of 'making the world widely beneficial', linked Eunseom and the people with a sacred oath, and established Eunseom as the complete leader of Arthdal.

Next, the image of Tanya, who drank the antidote and fell into a deep sleep, and Eunseom, who waits for her and changes the world, unfolds fondly, and after a long time, Tanya and Eunseom wake up, kiss, and the final appearance of Taealha, who pioneers a new history, ends the long journey. finished.

'Sword of Aramun' is the new name of Season 2 of 'Arthdal Chronicles' and is a drama depicting the fateful story of Tagon, Eunseom, Tanya, and Taealha, who are writing different legends in the ancient land of Arth.

The tvN Saturday-Sunday drama 'Sword of Aramun', which has been on a long journey, marking the death of the first king of Arthdal and the beginning of the new king Eunseom, has reached its finale with episode 12.

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