Vuv Girl successfully completes first fan concert since debut
Vuv Girl successfully completes first fan concert since debut
The group BBGIRLS successfully completed its first fan concert since its debut.

BBGIRLS (Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna) held ‘BBGIRLS 1ST FANCON <ONE MORE TIME>’ (BBGIRLS 1ST FANCON <ONE MORE TIME>) at the Donghae Culture and Arts Center of Kwangwoon University at 6 PM on the 7th. MORE TIME') and enjoyed a late summer festival with fans.

As the fan concert title is 'ONE MORE TIME', VV Girls are holding 'VV Girl Idol Camp' to become the best idols once again, as well as 'changing profiles', 'introducing legendary stages', and 'reenacting childhood photos'. The talk continued with various corners. In addition, VV Girls even provided tiki-taka chemistry through various games such as quickness and language skills, as well as 'Raise Your Heart Rate' content that conveys what they want to say to the members.

VV Girls, who showed their 'new idol' moment through corners on various topics, also showed off their 'divine idol' charm through live performances. On this day, the members opened with Vuv Girl's debut songs 'ONE MORE TIME' and 'LEMONADE', and sang 'Skimatbaram', 'Just Driving', 'Pool Party', and 'Summer Alone'. The stage was decorated to give a refreshing and happy feeling.

In particular, VV Girl, who showed her love for her fans through a heartfelt letter on this day, took the time to award a special certificate to the fans who joined her, and even seemed moved by the fans' slogan event.

VV Girl, who held an offline fan concert for the first time, was the highlight of the festival by performing 'Rollin' and 'Red Sun'. VV Girl said, “I had questions about this road and this situation, but I found answers through the fan concert. “I am so grateful to the fans,” he said, adding, “(We) exist because of the fans who always support us and the members who silently protect each other. He also expressed his determination, saying, “I hope we can create more interesting stories in the future.”

Meanwhile, VV Girls, who are once again writing new history in the music industry, plan to continue communication through various activities, including their official SNS channels.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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