Actress Cho Yi-hyun, a woman who is different inside and out
Actress Cho Yi-hyun, a woman who is different inside and out
'Wedding Battle' Jo Yi-hyun surprisingly revealed the true character of Jeong Sun-deok, the second daughter-in-law of the Left Councillor, who is 180 degrees different from the 'god of matchmaking' Yeo Joo-daek.

KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle', which will be aired for the first time on October 30, is a comical melodrama about a Joseon Dynasty's Cheongsang sire and a Cheongsang's widow meeting, a widow, and a miner (a term referring to an old maid and an old bachelor in the Joseon Dynasty) engaging in a 'wedding battle'. all. Shim Jeong-woo, the most angry man in Hanyang, and Jeong Soon-deok, a widow living a double life, join forces to present the 'Joseon version of Love Actually'.

Jo Yi-hyun has made a bold acting transformation through 'The Wedding Battle', heralding the birth of a refreshing historical drama female protagonist who will captivate people of all ages and genders. Jeong Soon-deok, played by Jo Yi-hyun, is officially the second daughter-in-law of the Left Councilor's wife, but unofficially, she is leading a double life as the wife of Hanyang's best matchmaker, the Bangmul seller. Jo Yi-hyeon plays the role of Jeong Soon-deok, who lives a dangerous double life, and exudes a variety of charms, from liveliness that makes you burst into laughter to mystery that arouses curiosity.

In relation to this, Jo Yi-hyun of 'Wedding Battle' steals attention by showing the first appearance of her main character, Jeong Soon-deok, the second daughter-in-law of Jwa Ui-jeong's wife. In the play, there is a scene where Jeong Soon-deok (Jo Yi-hyeon) shows off the elegance of the second daughter-in-law of the Left Chief Justice by wearing a jeogori and skirt in soft and warm colors such as jade green, ivory, and sky blue, unlike the Yeoju's wife's outfit, which has vivid primary colors such as a green jeogori and purple skirt. In addition, Soon-deok Jeong wears an apron and smiles brightly in the kitchen and among the crock pots, giving off the look of a 'perfect' housework master. Expectations are soaring as to how Jo Yi-hyun will express the three-dimensional transformation of Jeong Soon-deok, who is a cheerful and active character on the outside but is somewhat changed on the inside, leading a dizzying double life.

Meanwhile, Jo Yi-hyeon fully showed off her unique lovely charm through the scene of ‘Capturing the pure beauty of a blue widow’. Jo Yi-hyeon put aside the intense charisma she had when working as the lady's wife for a while and showed a gentle and soft expression and tone of voice as the second daughter-in-law of the Left Uijeong, creating a clear temperature difference of 180 degrees. Moreover, Jo Yi-hyun created a warm atmosphere by livening up the atmosphere of the scene with her bright smile and energetic behavior throughout the filming.

The production team praised Jo Yi-hyun as “an actor whose mysterious face and sincere acting ability, with both warmth and coldness, creates a sense of immersion,” and added, “Jo Yi-hyun will show off a quirky and lively charm that can’t be seen anywhere else along with a sunshine-like smile that disarms viewers.” “Please support ‘Wedding Battle’.”

‘Wedding Battle’ will premiere on October 30th at 9:45 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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