Kim Dong-wan, “Am I a non-married person? I really want to get married.”
Kim Dong-wan, “Am I a non-married person? I really want to get married.”
Kim Dong-wan joins 'Groom Class' and actively explains the misunderstanding of 'non-married people'.

In the 85th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class')', which will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 11th, Kim Dong-wan, a member of 'Legendary Idol' Shinhwa, appears for the first time and reveals his daily life in Gapyeong. .

Kim Dong-wan, who was in the studio that day, gave a powerful greeting and said, “Now I am Kim Dong-wan, a 4th grade student in the 3rd class who wants to create the groom (instead of Shinhwa Changjo),” receiving applause from the MC corps of Lee Seung-cheol, Han Go-eun, Moon Se-yoon and Jang Young-ran. Kim Dong-wan continued, “After living in Gapyeong-gun for 7 years, I fell into the ‘non-marriage person’ category (online), but I am a marriage person. “I really want to get married, I’ve dreamed of it, and I think it’s my life’s mission,” he said, making his bold statement.

After a while, Kim Dong-wan reveals his daily life at the so-called ‘Artist House’, which he built himself after purchasing land in the mountains of Gapyeong seven years ago. Early in the morning, he has a unique 'morning routine' where he wakes up to see 'today's horoscope' delivered as an alarm. Kim Dong-wan, who was reading his fortune, soon said, “Share your luck? “I don’t have any luck (to share),” he said to himself, causing a salty laugh. Afterwards, Kim Dong-wan, who has toughly made up his bedding, goes out of the bedroom, and is impressed by the expensive recording and filming equipment scattered throughout his house. Moon Se-yoon, who saw this, was surprised and said, “I can feel his wealth just by looking at him.” Kim Dong-wan is proud, saying, “I can work even at midnight,” and Lee Seung-cheol gives a thumbs up, saying, “It’s every singer’s dream.”

Soon, Kim Dong-wan laid out a yoga mat in the front yard of his house and meditated while breathing in the dewy air of Gapyeong. In relation to this, Kim Dong-wan explains, “It is a time to breathe with acid while receiving negative ions,” but Lee Seung-cheol makes everyone burst out laughing by pointing out, “It smells a little natural.”

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google