Actors Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun transform into Joseon's version of couple managers
Actors Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun transform into Joseon's version of couple managers
“We will find you a partner!”

KBS' new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle' has released a 'character teaser poster' in which Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun are completely transformed into Joseon's version of couple managers with polarizing tendencies.

KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Battle', which will be aired for the first time on October 30, is a matchmaking comedy in which a Joseon Dynasty sire and a cheongsang widow meet and engage in a 'wedding battle' between a widow and a miner (a term for an old maid and an old bachelor in the Joseon Dynasty). It's a melodrama. Shim Jeong-woo, Hanyang's best blue-dressing sire, and Jeong Soon-deok, a blue-washing widow who lives a double life, join forces to present the 'Joseon version of Love Actually'.

Above all, 'Wedding Battle' is written by writer Ha Soo-jin, who achieved a fresh collaboration of exorcism and humanism through 'Daebak Real Estate', and Hwang Seung-gi, who showed off his sensational directing skills through 'Start-up Ticket', 'Justice', and 'My Black History Wrong Answer Note'. The directors are working together to attract attention. Here, Rowoon, who has completed a new paradigm for the male lead in a historical drama with 'Love', and Jo Yi-hyun, who is highly anticipated for her stable acting skills and oriental mask, are creating a stir as the main characters.

In relation to this, on the 25th, 'Wedding Battle' Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyeon announced their appearance with a 'character teaser poster' in which they transformed into 'the most angry man' Sim Jeong-woo and 'god of matchmaking' Jeong Soon-deok. The 'Character Teaser Poster' caught the eye as it was designed with the 'princess and miner recruitment notice concept' of Shim Jeong-woo (Ro-woon) and Jeong Soon-deok (Jo Yi-hyun), who appear as couple managers during the Joseon Dynasty.

First, Shim Jung-woo, who showed off his brightness in a purple scroll, matched it with a hat strap made of bamboo as a point, giving off the upright 'principled' aspect. In particular, she shines with eyes full of desire and at the same time strikes a resolute pose with a fan decorated with blue and red thread accessories, showing her 'will to succeed in palace calligraphy'. In addition, Sim Jeong-woo's unique history as an '8-year Cheongsang sire' and his specialty in 'filing marriage annulment appeals' are written in full, raising curiosity about the 'performance-oriented' matchmaking that Sim Jeong-woo will lead in the future.

Next, Soon-deok Jeong showed off his secondary character, Yeo Joo-daek, who was highlighted by her rich gachae, colorful accessories, red lips, and clear eyes. Jeong Soon-deok, who transformed into the female owner, shows confident eyes and a confident expression as she piles up fortune telling cards in front of her like the 'god of matchmaking'. Expectations are rising as to what kind of 'relationship-centered' matching will be achieved between the main character, Jeong Soon-deok, a 5-year-old widow, and Jeong Soon-deok, who enjoys a double life as the secondary character, Yeo Joo-daek, who specializes in making connections.

The production team said, “The ‘Character Teaser Poster’ was created so that the unique characters of Shim Jeong-woo and Jeong Soon-deok, who are in charge of the wedding of the Joseon Dynasty virgins and miners, can be clearly summarized and seen at a glance.” They added, “Perfect for the emotional season of fall, Sim Jeong-woo and Jeong Soon-deok. “We ask for your interest and support for the ‘Great Wedding Battle’ that Soon-deok Jeong will create.”

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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