“I’ve liked you for a very long time” Jo Bo-ah ♥ Rowoon finally confirms their feelings and kisses
“I’ve liked you for a very long time” Jo Bo-ah ♥ Rowoon finally confirms their feelings and kisses
‘This love is irresistible’ Jo Bo-ah and Rowoon confirmed their feelings for each other.

In the 10th episode of JTBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'This Love is Force Majeure', which aired on the 21st, Lee Hong-jo (played by Jo Bo-ah) and Jang Shin-yu (played by Rowoon) confirmed their feelings for each other. The kiss that ended the harsh fate and confirmed each other's feelings added to the affection. However, the happiness was short-lived, and the twist of Lee Hong-jo's hand covering Jang Shin-yu's cheek turning red with blood caused confusion and shock.

Jang Shin-yu, who remembered his past life, visited the shaman Eunwol (played by Kim Hye-ok). When he collapsed and was in the hospital, he saw Lee Hong-jo and Jang Shin-yu from his previous life. Eunwol's words that the number of people who remembered their past life increased by one more person were meaningful. Jang Shin-yu expressed his confusion, saying, “I think I loved that person even back then.”

Jang Shin-yu, who understood his unbreakable fate, said goodbye to Yoon Na-yeon (played by Yura). Nayeon Yoon tried to change his mind, but Jang Shinyu's mind was firm. And Jang Shin-yu decided to listen to Yoon Na-yeon's last request. He asked me to stay by his side as if nothing had happened until the construction of the city hall lobby was completed. Jang Shin-yu, who returned to City Hall, tried to keep his promise to Yoon Na-yeon. However, Nayeon Yoon’s request had a different purpose. Jang Shin-yu's feelings were complicated because of Yoon Na-yeon, who acted as if she was showing off Lee Hong-jo, and Lee Hong-jo, who had no idea why, was distraught.

What really shook the nervous Lee Hong-jo was Na-yeon Yoon's words, “Even if an old relationship is shaken for a moment, it will eventually come back.” In the end, Lee Hong-jo revealed his feelings, saying, “Do you know how crappy it feels to be suspicious and jealous all night long?” Jang Shin-yu was disappointed that Lee Hong-jo did not know his true feelings.

Jang Shin-yu called Lee Hong-jo back to the office. However, the person who came to Jang Shin-yu's office was Yoon Na-yeon. After learning that Jang Shin-yu broke her promise, Yoon Na-yeon went straight to the mayor's office, and then Kwon Jae-kyung (played by Ha Jun) came to see Jang Shin-yu in anger. Yoon Na-yeon's father, Mayor Yoon Hak-yeong (Song Young-gyu), ordered Lee Hong-jo, who had damaged the dignity of a public servant with a promiscuous personal life, to be transferred to a branch office. Jang Shin-yu grabbed the wrist of Lee Hong-jo, who had just arrived at the mayor's office, and ran out of City Hall.

On that path, Lee Hong-jo and Jang Shin-yu headed to a certain beach. Lee Hong-jo asked Jang Shin-yu the reason for his reckless behavior, and Jang Shin-yu confessed everything. Jang Shin-yu decided to listen to Yoon Na-yeon's request for fear of Lee Hong-jo being caught up in bad rumors, and tried to start quietly even if it was late, but it all didn't matter. He continued, “Tell me. “How are you feeling now?” he asked. Lee Hong-jo confessed that he had liked Jang Shin-yu for a long time. The kiss that confirmed each other's feelings added to the affection and made the hearts of those watching pound.

But an unexpected twist came. As Li Hongzhao cupped her cheek, Jang Xinyu began to feel the welcome touch of a 'red hand' and pushed Li Hongzhao's hand away in excruciating pain. Jang Shin-yu's ending, which was engulfed in confusion, made us even more curious about the past lives of the two people involved in the 'curse'.

Meanwhile, Na Jung-beom's (Ahn Sang-woo) dangerous move continued. Later Jung-beom got his hands on Lee Hong-jo's gloves and Jang Shin-yu's shirt at the request of Yoon Na-yeon. The eerie smile of Na Jung-beom, who placed the two people's belongings tied with red thread and stained with blood under an empty flower pot, heightened the sense of crisis.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google