10CM Kwon Jeong-yeol shared the reason he dropped out of a prestigious university, "I was scolded by my parents"
10CM Kwon Jeong-yeol shared the reason he dropped out of a prestigious university, "I was scolded by my parents"
Dingo's representative talk show content 'Farewell Taxi' has returned in 2023 with a reboot version of 'Liberation Taxi'.

Digital media channel Dingo launched new original content 'Liberation Taxi' and released the first episode through Dingo Story's official YouTube channel at 6 PM on the 14th.

‘Liberation Taxi’ is an emotional talk show in which passengers who board a ‘Liberation Taxi’ with various stories have honest conversations with a host who plays a taxi driver, shaking off painful memories and pledging for a new start. It is a 2023 reboot version of 'Breakup Taxi', in which lyricist Kim Eana transformed into a healing driver in 2017, picking up people who had broken up as guests and offering comfort to them.

Singer-songwriter Kwon Jeong-yeol of 10CM appeared as the first host of the newly returned 'Liberation Taxi', bringing warm sympathy and comfort to the stories of various people.

In the first episode, the story of tennis player Eunseo Yoon, who decided to say goodbye to the sport she had been doing for 18 years, was introduced. Nine years into his career as a player, he talked about the process of deciding to let go of tennis, which had been his entire life, and his wish to live a life doing ‘something that allows him to be himself.’

Kwon Jeong-yeol, who transformed into the first driver of 'Hiberation Taxi', responded to the story of Eun-seo, who was struggling with the conflict with her parents that arose in the process of quitting sports, and said, "I also dreamed of becoming a musician while attending college, so I realized it overnight. “I stabbed my parents in the back,” he said, carefully discussing his experience changing from a student at a prestigious university to a musician. Kwon Jeong-yeol dropped out of the Department of Education at Yonsei University.

Kwon Jeong-yeol said, "As I was attending college, I had the selfish thought that 'filial piety is living happily while making good choices without regrets.' No matter what I say, it will be difficult to persuade, but it is important to be honest," and gave sincere advice as a senior in life. handed it over.

He also added words of encouragement, saying, "Living happily and healthily is the best thing. If you decide to quit exercising to do that, you just have to show it properly," and expressed strong support for the bright future that Eunseo will create.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google