Actress Joo Min-kyung, fashion that refuses to be ordinary
Actress Joo Min-kyung, fashion that refuses to be ordinary
Joo Min-kyung's styling in 'Hip-Hope' is a hot topic.

In the JTBC Saturday-Sunday drama 'Hip-Hope', Joo Min-kyung took on the role of Bae Ok-hee, Bong Ye-bun's (Han Ji-min) best friend and a person with extraordinary social skills in the neighborhood. In particular, Joo Min-kyung's styling of Bae Ok-hee not only increases immersion into the character but also makes it more fun to watch.

Bae Ok-hee's styling, which is anything but ordinary, attracts attention with its splendor, reflecting her strong personality from head to toe. What stands out the most is the hairstyle. Ok-hee's charm was doubled by adding to the character's loveliness with wavy hair with yellow bridges and various hair accessories depending on the occasion.

Fashion is also an essential element. When she is in love, she makes Okhee's lovely appearance stand out by adding pastel-toned outfits such as a pink patterned blouse and white dress and peach cheeks, while when she goes to catch her boyfriend, a classmate, or a delinquent student, she wears dark-saturated knits, blouses, and men's clothes. She showed off her girl crush charm by matching it with leather pants.

In order to express Bae Ok-hee's character well, Joo Min-kyung not only matches her own clothes, shoes, and bags, but also pays close attention to visual details to improve the character's completeness. Accordingly, expectations are high on how diverse Joo Min-kyung will show in the future.

JTBC's 'Be Hip' airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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