C-JeS Studio launches new boy group... First time since JYJ
C-JeS Studio launches new boy group... First time since JYJ
C-JeS Studio is launching an 8-member boy group.

C-JeS Studio (hereinafter referred to as C-JeS) said, “We will be launching an 8-member boy group in November through ‘made in cjes’ (hereinafter referred to as MIC), a project to foster new idols.” The 8-member boy group, comprised of MIC trainees, has been showing off their skills through various content and has been attracting attention even before their debut. “Please give us a lot of interest in the new boy group that will lead the new generation of K-pop.”

The new boy group debuting in November is the first idol to be launched by C-JeS since the group JYJ. Through JYJ, the boy group successfully held its first world tour. C-JeS is determined to become a new face in the 5th generation boy group market by concentrating its know-how.

C-JeS has achieved many achievements in the industry through album production and performance production with not only JYJ but also various artists such as top vocalist Gummy, Noel, and Solji, so expectations are growing for the boy group they are producing this time.

MIC is a training program for new artists established by C-JeS Studio. They became public trainees in 2022 and are showing their diverse side by sharing their training process, self-produced content, and daily life through vlogs through various SNS.

Meanwhile, detailed information about the 8-member boy group scheduled to be launched in November will be released sequentially.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google