Heera Kim, what will happen to ‘Frida’?
Heera Kim, what will happen to ‘Frida’?
As suspicions of school violence against actress Heera Kim (34) arose, sparks fell on the musical 'Frida', which she is currently appearing in.

According to Ten Asia coverage on the 6th, the 'Frida' side is currently waiting for the agency and the parties involved to come out, and internally, future measures against Kim Heera have not yet been decided.

On this morning, the 'Frida' side notified each media outlet of an interview guide for Kim Heera, but the interview was temporarily stopped as suspicions of Kim Heera's bullying and school violence arose.

According to the 'Frida' schedule, Kim Heera is listed in the lineup for the 9th, but attention is focused on what action will be taken.

Meanwhile, Heera Kim was scheduled to record Coupang Play's 'SNL 4' that day, but the recording was officially canceled when the news broke out. At the same time, news of cancellation was also announced.

Dispatch reported that Kim Heera was a member of the Iljin club ‘Big Sangji’ when she was a student at Sangji Girls’ Middle School, raising the Iljin theory and suspicion of school violence. According to reports, Heera Kim belonged to the Iljin Club and stole money from her friends, and was sentenced to community service for theft.

However, Kim Heera claimed in relation to this, "It is true that I belonged to 'Big Sanji', but I was not part of Iljin, and although that group engaged in extortion, assault, and verbal abuse, I did not participate in it." At the same time, he is said to have said that Kim Heer's name and appearance were unusual, and that he thought he could avoid teasing by becoming stronger.

Heera Kim gained great popularity by playing the role of Lee Sa-ra, a perpetrator of school violence, in Netflix's 'The Glory', which was released in March.

Regarding the report, Kim Heera's agency is said to be resolving its position.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google