Actor Ji Chang-wook's new face
Actor Ji Chang-wook's new face
Ji Chang-wook's new face is a hot topic.

Ji Chang-wook played the role of police officer ‘Park Jun-mo’ in the Disney+ original series ‘The Worst Evil’. “Are you Jeong Ki-cheol?” As soon as the teaser trailer was released, enthusiastic reactions poured in to Ji Chang-wook's powerful first line and transformation. In the video, the images of Ji Chang-wook, who played the role of 'Park Jun-mo', a tough cop, and 'Kwon Seung-ho', who infiltrated the organization, intersected, raising tension.

Ji Chang-wook is a 'romance craftsman' who creates heart-pounding scenes in 'Suspicious Partner' and 'How to Love Between Men and Women in the City', and has shown a unique ability to digest various genres and characters in 'Annara Sumanara' and 'If You Make a Wish'. It is expected to captivate viewers with its explosive and exquisite acting skills that go back and forth between extremes.

Here, Ji Chang-wook expresses sharp and solid eyes suitable for the role and also includes visuals that are not missing, and the expectations of viewers and fans are rising more than ever before for his new face that they have never seen before.

Meanwhile, 'The Worst Evil' will be released on Disney+ on September 27th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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