Kang Hye-jung, the story of almost becoming a widow
Kang Hye-jung, the story of almost becoming a widow
Actress Kang Hye-jung told the story of how she almost became a widow.

On the 24th, a video was uploaded on the YouTube channel 'Wuhamug' with the title 'One more dragon ball left, what's next for Kang Hye-jung?'

Kim Jaejoong said, "Noona has no sightings anywhere she goes." Kang Hye-jeong said, "Because I like being at home." Hearing this, Jaejoong Kim said, “I must have been unable to go out well until now because I had to take care of children for a day.” Kang Hye-jeong then explained, "Right now, the word 'parenting' is ambiguous. Now that I'm in middle school, I've grown up a lot. It's not child-rearing anymore."

Kim Jaejoong said, "Haru fell in love with idols, so did my sister, but (other) Blo hyung said he was spending a lot of money. That caused a stir in the community. Fans of various idols said, 'There are too many album versions' and 'It must be very difficult.' It went around a lot,” he said. Kang Hye-jung said, "As a parent, it's not that I don't understand Tablo's feelings, but as an idol lover, I think the more diverse the better."
Kang Hye-jung, the story of almost becoming a widow
Kang Hye-jung, the story of almost becoming a widow
Kang Hye-jung's favorite idol is Stray Kids. He affectionately called them "excellent friends in many ways." Kang Hye-jeong is not active in her work. He picked his daughter Haru as the number one priority. Kang Hye-jeong confided, "I have to feel like I want to do this work, but I haven't found a work like that yet."

He added, "More than anything else, there are things I want to grow. I'm growing up on my own, but I think my parents feel like they're raising me even after I get married. I want to do it when there's a good work. Tablo decided to support me."

Kim Jaejoong started his speech by saying, "Honestly, it doesn't make sense for a married couple not to fight." Kang Hye-jung said, "I have never not fought in my life. I did fight, but it's rare." He said, "He likes to justify himself or talk hard about his position, removing resentment. I hate being unfair more than him."

Also, Kang Hye-jung said, "I threw something just once, but it was a coffee machine. I immediately ran to my friend's house. I think he thought, 'He's going to kill me.' At that time, Mr. Tablo drank some alcohol. I drank. It was winter, and when I bought an apartment, there was a staircase in front of my house, and he was sleeping there at 5 am."

Kang Hye-jeong said, "I wanted you to reflect on it the next day. It was less than a year ago. I pretended to be okay until the end and pretended to come back on my own. I turned into a violent Kang Hye-jung. I can't sleep outside. I'm dying. I will become a widow." It was obvious,” he said, laughing.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google