'I'm Solo' Youngsook Stops Dating with Kwangsoo "I want to go to the dorm right now, I don't want to be with you"
'I'm Solo' Youngsook Stops Dating with Kwangsoo "I want to go to the dorm right now, I don't want to be with you"
In the 16th episode of 'I'm SOLO', an all-time 'romance catastrophe' was predicted.

In ENA and SBS PLUS' 'I'm SOLO', which aired on the 23rd, the chaotic love line of 'Solo Nara 16', which began with a single word by Youngsook and Youngchul, was revealed. Also, Young-sook and Gwang-soo, who entered into a 'hanbok random date', were hit by a date interruption.

On this day, Kwang-soo prepared breakfast for two for Ok-soon and Young-ja, who showed good feelings for him. Then, the meal was delivered directly to the women's quarters, and when Gwang-soo returned, Ok-soon threw a restraining phrase to Young-ja, saying, "I asked for (breakfast), so I served it with watermelon." After Yeong-ja finished the meal, he ran to Sun-ja and expressed his upset about Gwang-soo and Ok-soon.

Young-shik made egg rolls and gimbap for Hyeon-suk to appeal to his heart. Sang-cheol also made the durian coffee Young-sook talked about the night before and handed it to Young-sook, receiving everyone's support. After the meal, Hyeon-suk suggested Young-sik take a walk. Young-ho, who had Hyeon-suk in his heart, noticed this situation and declared to Young-ja, who was with him, “I’ll go and get it” and went to where the two were. Just in time, Young-shik and Hyeon-suk were finishing their conversation, so Young-ho took Hyun-suk with him, saying, “Can we talk for 5 minutes?” Here, Hyeon-sook directly asked, "I'm curious about Yeong-ho's heart." Young-ho replied, “I have a crush on her, but I want to go on a date with people I haven’t talked to today,” making Hyun-sook sad.

Before the date, Young-cheol told other solo men in the dorm room, “I have a strong feeling that a war is about to begin.” Then Kwang-soo said, “What are you talking about? The game is already over, but the board is almost out.” But Youngchul said, “Who is that? You shouldn't be complacent," he warned. Kwang-soo was worried, saying, “Why are you throwing stones at my calm heart again?” Even Youngchul said, “Yeongsoo’s Oksoon’s is over 51%. It's timing!" he warned again.

Hearing this, Gwang-soo immediately ran to Ok-soon. Then, he said, "My choice through agony is Oksoon-nim," and affirmed, "I will not look for someone else until I go to Solo Nara." After hearing Gwang-soo's words, Ok-soon went to Young-ja and informed him, "Kwang-soo told me that 'until the end of the day, his feelings for Ok-soon will not change' and left." However, Young-ja replied, “I told (to Gwang-soo) that I was going to Young-soo in the future.” Then Oksoon said, “I want to talk to Yeongsu, too, but I think we can live as brothers and sisters instead of men and women…” In response, Young-ja coolly acknowledged Ok-soon’s way of talking, saying, “I feel cool inside.”

After a while, the 'Hanbok Random Date' began, where a man and a woman wearing the same color hanbok went on a date by selecting a bojagi box containing hanbok. The solo girls played rock-paper-scissors to decide on the hanbok box, and here Oksoon chose the box Youngja wanted, making Youngja despair. As a result, Kwang-soo became a couple with Young-suk, and Yeong-cheol was matched with Soon-ja. Subsequently, Young-sik became a couple with Hyun-suk, who had built up a pink mood, and destroyed 'Solo Nara 16 Street'. Young-ho became a random dating couple with Young-ja. Hyun-suk, who confirmed that Young-ho had become a couple with Young-ja, whom he wanted to date because he hadn't talked to her, said, "I didn't feel good."

Subsequently, Sang-cheol was matched with Jeong-suk, and Ok-soon became a couple with Young-soo. If Young-ja had grabbed the bundle as she wanted, she could have dated the 'one pick' Young-soo. Regarding this, Yeong-ja expressed her regret, saying, "Ok-soon took the box I wanted, but the box was Yeong-soo."

Before the 'Hanbok Random Date', they also started a promotional video mission with a 'Super Date Ticket' at Dosan Seowon near their accommodation in Andong, 'Solo Nara 16'. At this time, Young-ja confided to Young-ho while preparing for the mission, "I avoided Ok-soon, but he keeps sticking to me" and "I feel like I'm being chased by a hunter." Young-ho said, “Why is that? If you do what you want, you can go more smoothly.”

However, as Youngja worried, as soon as Oksoon was matched with Youngsoo, he appealed to him, saying, “I chose Youngsoo in the first choice.” Young-soo was also delighted, saying, “I was only looking for an opportunity to talk to Ok-soon, but it turned out like this.” Then, Oksoon mentioned the composition of the confrontation with Youngja, saying, "I wanted to talk with (Youngsu) from the beginning, but yesterday, Youngja openly said, 'Don't come to Yeongsu.'" On the other hand, when Youngsook, who was preparing for the mission, asked, "Who are you going to use the super date ticket for?" Let's write to each other," he suddenly suggested and embarrassed Youngsook. Afterwards, the promotional video 'Super Date Ticket' was occupied by Youngsook and Kwangsu, and in 'Lee Insamwan Running', Youngja and Youngho won first place with their outstanding fighting spirit and obtained the 'Super Date Ticket'.

Before the start of the random Hanbok date, Kwang-soo came to the dorm to ask Young-sook for a meal menu. Here, Young-suk asks Gwang-soo, “Did Ok-soon-nim also choose Kwang-soo? Wouldn’t it be better to be a little more alert and get to know Oksoon more?” Gwang-soo, confused by this, went to Ok-soon again and asked, “Young-sook told me to be alert, but have you changed your mind?” Ok-soon replied, “I don’t have it now,” but Gwang-soo asked back, “Then you won’t know in the future?” To this, Oksoon replied, “Yes.”

Disappointed, Gwang-soo went to Yeong-ja, and Young-ja mentioned that Ok-soon had transferred Gwang-soo's words to him. Kwang-soo began to distrust Ok-soon, saying, "I don't think that's a courtesy that I value." In the end, Youngsook said, “Oh, this person! Ok-soon's mind has gone elsewhere,” adding, putting Kwang-soo-eul into a mental breakdown.

Meanwhile, Sang-cheol and Jeong-suk decided to take sashimi from a nearby restaurant and eat it in the pavilion inside 'Solo Nara 16 Street'. On the way to the restaurant, the two of them showed off their unexpected chemistry by talking about life in the US from the game. The two waited for the sashimi to be packaged at the restaurant, and at this time, Gwangsu and Youngsook visited the same sashimi restaurant. Sang-cheol glanced at Young-sook, but he didn't pretend to know so as not to disturb their date.

Soon, however, a loud noise started to come from the seat of Gwang-soo and Young-sook, and Young-sook suddenly burst into tears. Youngsook said, “I want to go to the dorm right now. I don't want to be with you," he declared, stopping random dating. Gwang-soo grabbed Young-sook and said, “I won’t go with you, so let’s talk for a minute.” But Young-sook took a taxi and left.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google