Fantasy Boys Yu Jun-won was excluded from the debut member due to unauthorized departure
Fantasy Boys Yu Jun-won was excluded from the debut member due to unauthorized departure
Fantasy Boys, a group selected for the MBC audition program 'After School Excitement Season 2 - Boys Fantasy', will debut as a group of 11 members, excluding Yoo Jun-won.

On the 23rd, Funky Studio, the production company of 'Boys Fantasy', and Pocket Doll Studio, which was entrusted with the management, said, "Yoo Jun-won, who was selected as the debut group fantasy boys through 'Boys Fantasy', is unable to participate in group activities due to unauthorized departure. I will inform you," he said. He continued, "Fantasy Boys is a group that was formed by voting from viewers in a survival program aiming to debut. We sincerely apologize for not being able to be together with the 12 people who were created by the viewers."

Fantasy Boys said, "After the program ended, we discussed the contract with Yoo Jun-won and Yoo Jun-won's parents more than a dozen times. Even though the contract was written according to the standard terms and conditions established and recommended by the Fair Trade Commission, Yoo Jun-won's parents In the name of being ranked first in the program compared to other members, he asked for an increase in the profit sharing rate and requested a contract amendment." "If we adjust the profit distribution rate differently from other members with the final vote ranking, the issue of equity could arise, so we fully explained why we couldn't do that every time. However, Yoo Jun-won's parents saw Yoo Jun-won twice. Over the course of time, they have been ordered to leave without permission, and at the same time, they have been notified that they will not be able to join the team in the end.” "Therefore, the Fantasy Boys will be active as an 11-member system of Kim Kyu-rae, Hong Seong-min, Oh Hyun-tae, Lee Han-bin, Lingchi, Kang Min-seo, Hikari, Soul, Kim Woo-seok, Hikaru, and Keidan."

The Fantasy Boys side emphasized, "We will do our best to resolve this issue amicably, and will not hold back our full support so that the remaining 11 members can prepare for their debut without wavering." He added, "We ask for unchanging warm support and encouragement for the members who are about to debut."

Fantasy Boys is a group created from the boy group survival audition program 'Boys Fantasy', which ended last June. Excluding Yoo Jun-won, who won the final 1st place, the 11-member group will make their official debut in September.

Reporter Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia translated by google