Chanwon Lee opens pop-up store 'Wonderland'
Chanwon Lee opens pop-up store 'Wonderland'
Singer Lee Chan-won opens his first pop-up store since his debut.

According to his agency Green Snake E&M on the 22nd, Lee Chan-won will operate the pop-up store 'ONE The Land' on the 1st basement floor of The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido from this day until September 3.

This pop-up store was prepared to give fans another special memory, including commemorating Lee Chan-won's follow-up activities to 'Twist Go Go'. This pop-up store is not only filled with Chanwon Lee's official color, rose gold, but also has a variety of MD products.

Lee Chan-won not only realizes his popularity as a trot idol in that he is holding a pop-up store that has become a culture among the idol fandom, but also as high interest has been drawn from the online pre-booking opened on the 17th, the heat on the site is expected to be very hot. expected

Lee Chan-won, who boasted high popularity by releasing the regular album 'ONE' in February this year, plans to give fans meaningful memories once again with the pop-up store 'ONE the Land'.

Lee Chan-won will unveil the stage of the follow-up song 'Twist Go Go' through TV Chosun's 'I Like Tuesday Night', which will be broadcast on the 22nd. In addition to this, he plans to continue his activities by appearing on KBS Cool FM 'Yun Jung-soo and Nam Chang-hee's Mr. Radio' and SBS Power FM 'Dooshi Escape Cultwo Show'.

Reporter Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia translated by google