YG Yang Hyun-suk announces a new plan... First video message sent to fans
YG Yang Hyun-suk announces a new plan... First video message sent to fans
Yang Hyun-suk, YG's general producer, personally revealed Treasure's new activity method and comeback schedule to Treasure Makers (fandom name) around the world in detail.

YG Entertainment posted 'The Next Plan for TREASURE' on its official blog on the 12th. For the first time in YG, and unusually, Yang Hyun-suk, executive producer, announced the news of the new album to fans directly through a video.

First of all, Executive Producer Yang Hyun-suk expressed his apologies to the fans for not being able to do his best for Treasure due to the circumstances in which he was unable to concentrate on his work. At the same time, along with the activities of a new unit consisting of a five-member group called 'T5' in July, the happy news of the release of Treasure's second full-length album full of new songs was released in August.

Lastly, general manager Yang Hyun-suk conveyed to the fans his strong will to help Treasure release a lot of good music. It is expected that Treasure's future activities and growth will gain momentum and great changes under the leadership of Yang Hyun-suk, who has returned as YG's general producer from this year.

The name of Treasure's 2nd regular album to be released in August is 'REBOOT'. In the dictionary, it means 'restart', and it implies that Treasure will start again from a new starting point. In other words, it heralded a leap towards the global market along with upgraded music.

In addition, Yang shared a delightful episode that the new unit 'T5' to be announced in July is composed of 'five self-proclaimed pretty boys', and revealed that they will be conducting a very unusual and special pre-promotion in which the choreography video is released before the music video.

While music fans around the world are paying keen attention to who Treasure's 'self-proclaimed 5 pretty boys' will be, YG plans to unveil the members of 'T5' in turn from 0:00 on the 13th.

Meanwhile, Treasure held their first Asian tour since debut over the past seven months, attracting 420,000 spectators in 40 performances in 17 cities. In particular, through unrivaled live skills and performances, they have been outstandingly active, such as solidly building their musical capabilities. For this reason, music fans are paying more attention to Treasure's music and activities in the second half of 2023.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google