Kim Sook, wearing a couple T-shirt with Lee Dae-hyung, 'Sumnam', 'Kkongnyangkkongnyang' camping... Yoon Jeong-soo "I'm annoyed"
Kim Sook, wearing a couple T-shirt with Lee Dae-hyung, 'Sumnam', 'Kkongnyangkkongnyang' camping... Yoon Jeong-soo "I'm annoyed"
Comedian Kim Sook was satisfied with the 'Love Camping' matched with Lee Dae-hyung, a couple.

In the 211th episode of KBS 2TV's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears' (hereafter referred to as 'Sad Angel'), which aired on the 11th, Kim Sook and Lee Dae-hyung, the main characters of the pink thumb connected by Kim Byung-hyun, met again. Kim Byung-hyun called himself a cupid of love and invited Kim Sook to the Burger Kim workshop. However, when Kim Sook's ex-husband and uninvited guest Yoon Jung-soo appeared, Lee Dae-hyung said, "Why did you come without notice?"

Yoon Jung-soo was the big picture of Kim Byung-hyun who wanted to make Lee Dae-hyung stand out more, and when everything went back to Lee Dae-hyung from the start, Yoon Jeong-soo laughed with jealousy, saying, "Suk-ah, I'm nothing with you, but I'm a little annoyed." Lee Dae-hyung, who showed the spirit of an 8-year-old boy to Jeong-soo Yoon, saying, “Stop worrying about it now,” is moved by the “large chips” Kim Sook specially ordered for him, but laughs in contrast with Kim Byung-hyun, who opens the bag and focuses on eating sweets. it exploded

Afterwards, Kim Sook started to divide teams for the game, and Kim Sook, who continued to go against Lee Dae-hyung in flipping the palm, eventually became a team with Yoon Jung-soo, but the moment of Kim Sook and Lee Dae-hyung facing each other for a confrontation was booed. Kim Sook laughed excitedly, saying, “I lost but I’m happy,” and Yoon Jeong-soo, who was quickly defeated by Lee Dae-hyung in the second cockfight, cried out. In fact, in the luxury shopping bag prepared by Kim Byung-hyun, there was a couple T-shirt with a photo printed on it and the comment “Sooki♥Dangi,” and Yoon Jeong-soo gave the T-shirt to Lee Dae-hyung without any regrets, creating a warm atmosphere of cheering for the two of them.

Sook's restaurant opened to improve physical strength, and Lee Dae-hyung's mother's kimchi and side dishes stimulated the salivary glands. In a video call with Lee Dae-hyeong's mother, when Kim Sook bowed deeply, Yoon Jeong-soo introduced himself as "Kim Sook's ex-husband," and was hated. Kim Sook, who started cooking, started toasting a tomahawk in butter for Lee Dae-hyung, and Lee Dae-hyung fired heart-shaped eyes, saying, “I am strong.” With Lee Dae-hyeong putting meat in Kim Sook's mouth, who is busy grilling meat, and Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Byung-hyun, the main characters of the self-eating show, the first Burger Kim workshop overflowing with pink air flow ended happily.

Along with this, the rehearsal scene for Yeonja Kim's concert was drawn. Yonja Kim, who first saw the stage of Hwang Min-woo's self-composed song, praised that his expression became softer than at the time of the audition, and when Ji-hoon Noh, who was nervous, made mistakes in the lyrics in succession, Yonja Kim's eyes sharpened and a sense of tension lingered.

As the curtain rises for the concert, the seats are filled with Japanese fans and domestic fans of various ages who have visited the concert hall to see the queen performer. Following Hwang Min-woo, who made the first stage without a mistake, Noh Ji-hoon took the stage. Encouraged by fans' shouts of "handsome", Noh Ji-hoon delivered a perfect stage without any mistakes, unlike during rehearsal.

The last one is Jung Ho-young, the boss, and Kang Jae-jun, the intern, who appeared on the beach in Nha Trang, Vietnam. We headed to the cafe to meet Lee Kyun, who had a successful coffee business in Vietnam, where the Korean wave is booming. Monthly sales before Corona 19 were the price of an imported luxury sedan, and Lee Kyun, who was successful in Vietnam enough to buy a domestic apartment without a loan, thrilled Ho-young Jeong by saying, “Currently, ‘K’ is more popular than any other brand in Vietnam.”

Jung Ho-young and Kang Jae-joon, who began to analyze Nha Trang's commercial district in earnest, compared popular local foods, Nem Nuong and Bun Thit Nuong, with our ssam culture, and inhaled food nonstop. Ho-Young Jeong, who is surprised by everything from how to eat assorted rice noodles and fish cakes with jellyfish in a local way to the refreshing taste of seafood broth and jellyfish, an unfamiliar ingredient, in Robter, the center of the second commercial district, Nha Trang. He drew attention with his professionalism, such as analyzing the high content of fish in the secret of chewy fish cake.

Afterwards, in the third commercial district, I ordered banh can, a traditional snack from central and southern Vietnam with whole large shrimp on top. The taste of the moist egg batter and the chewy shrimp really hit the taste of Jung Ho-young and Kang Jae-joon, and they said, “Chopsticks only help,” and topped with mango greens and red peppers, stimulating the salivary glands of those who enjoyed it even more. Based on the analysis of the commercial district, Jeong Ho-young wants to hold a tasting event for locals. Expectations are high whether Jung Ho-young and Kang Jae-joon, who decided to receive support fire from Lee Kyeon, will be able to captivate the taste buds of the local tasting group.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter translated by google