'Munchan 2' Ahn Jung-hwan, the choice worked... Park Joon-yong, penalty kick success 'reversal goal'
'Munchan 2' Ahn Jung-hwan, the choice worked... Park Joon-yong, penalty kick success 'reversal goal'
'Somehow the Avengers', which started preparing for the Seoul tournament, took a hopeful first step.

In JTBC's 'Come Together and Kick 2', which aired on the 11th, the Seoul competition, the largest ever to break the national dojo, was announced and drew attention. In particular, in the match against Chungju 'Hanmaum FC' to prepare for the Seoul tournament, the players who were not the starting players and the teamwork of 'Somehow the Avengers' who did not give up until the end shone.

On this day's broadcast, the news of the Seoul Championships to be held in Seoul, the final battleground for breaking the national dojang, was announced. Unlike the existing seal breaking, it is a method of determining the winning team through a competition, and 'Somehow Avengers' will compete with the top teams in 11 districts. A total of 12 teams are divided into 3 groups of 4 teams to play in the preliminaries.

'Somehow the Avengers', who made up their minds at the news of the Seoul tournament, started training to strengthen their scoring skills with 'Gamkojin (director + coaches)'. Coach Ahn Jung-hwan and coach Lee Dong-guk grew frustrated while training on early cross tactics to attack the empty space behind the opposing defenders before they took their positions. This is because the flow of training was cut off due to a series of 'Somehow Avengers' mistakes and there was no progress.

After the training where individual skills were clearly revealed, coach Ahn Jung-hwan said, “I can’t catch the ball, I can’t kick, I can’t pass. What do you do for one hundred days of movement training? There is no need to do it,” he said bitterly. In addition, he mentioned the possibility that all players would be put in as he had to play 6 games to succeed in breaking the Seoul dojo, instilling tension.

The match with 'Hanmaeum FC' began while coach Ahn Jung-hwan ordered 'Somehow the Avengers' to move together organically. Among them, Kim Yong-shik of 'Somehow Avengers' succeeded in the early cross tactic that failed throughout the training and caught the attention by showing a strong appearance in practice.

In addition, although the first goal was taken away by the opponent and the goal was not scored, the play of 'Somehow the Avengers', which became a pass linkage through pattern practice, satisfied coach Ahn Jung-hwan and head coach Lee Dong-guk. After the first half ended 1-0 with no goals scored despite high possession and multiple shooting attempts, 'Somehow Vengers' saved the team from the brink of defeat with Ryu Eun-gyu scoring an equalizer in the 22nd minute of the second half.

In addition, Lee Ji-hwan got a golden penalty kick chance with a menacing breakthrough. Coach Ahn Jung-hwan chose Park Jun-yong as the kicker, and Park Jun-yong succeeded in scoring from a penalty kick, scoring the first goal after joining the team and a come-from-behind goal. Not only that, but in extra time, goalkeeper Kim Dong-hyun made a good save with quick judgment and timing, and safely escaped the danger of conceding. In response, Heo Min-ho exclaimed, “Why are you so good at martial arts today?”

After such a dramatic 2-1 come-from-behind victory, 'Somehow the Avengers' did their part and impressed with their united play. Even in a situation where the score was behind, the passion and persistence of knocking on the goal without giving up, and the developed soccer skills using what they had practiced made them look forward to their performance in the Seoul competition.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google