'I'm Solo' 16th class, self-introduction that brought chaos
'I'm Solo' 16th class, self-introduction that brought chaos
'I'm SOLO' The 16th class of Dolsing's jobs and stories have been revealed.

In ENA and SBS PLUS's 'I'm SOLO', which aired on the 9th, the 16th class of solo men and women revealed their amazing specifications. Along with this, the results of the dating choice shaken by the aftermath of 'self-introduction time' gave a twist and goosebumps.

On this day, in the 'self-introduction time' of the 16th class of 'Dolsing Special', Kwang-soo, 42 years old, revealed that he was a researcher at L Electronics and is currently a startup entrepreneur in his 3rd year. As a 'dolsinger' who has been divorced twice, he put on a thimble hat and said coolly, "The reason I can't drink alcohol for a while is because I had a 'hair transplant surgery'." Kwang-soo then took off his hat and explained, “I thought a lot about this (appearing), but when I went out in the ugliest form, I thought there might be at least one person who sees my inner side, so I came out.”

After revealing his 41-year-old job at a public company in an agency affiliated with the Ministry of Environment, Young-chul also announced his unique history of running a Korean restaurant in Thailand. He then said, "I've dated a Thai girlfriend, so long distances aren't a problem," and then revealed his firm view of love, saying, "If the child opposes dating, we can't meet."

Sangcheol, 42 years old, who revealed his 'high-end specs' that he is working for Boeing in the US, introduced his brilliant career as a college athletics athlete who ranked in the top 10 across the United States and that he had been featured in news in the US and Europe as a game modding. Sang-cheol, who lives in the United States, said, “You can come (to the United States) without a job. The second generation doesn’t have much greed,” he said coolly.

Youngsook is a 34-year-old major in ballet, and revealed that she was “a former professor of dance at a university in Daegu.” Subsequently, Young-sook gave birth to a child after a month of dating, and chose marriage because she wanted to create a family for her child, and then confessed the story of divorce. He emphasized that he was looking for 'steamed love'. Jeong-sook is 38 years old, and has been an employee of a public institution in Daegu for 10 years. Furthermore, she received applause for saying, "'Solo Nara' is a place where I come to break all my prejudices, so I will try to open my heart (even to those with children)."

Thirty-year-old Soon-ja, who runs an interior design business in Ulsan, shed tears as she remembered her daughter who had just turned 10. “It has been about three months since the divorce. I want to meet a positive person who values family.” Subsequently, Young-ja, a 32-year-old employee of S Electronics, appealed for her solid assets with the story that she had prepared her own house by winning the subscription. He said, “I have a romance about a wedding because I couldn’t have a wedding. Long distances seem difficult, but the age difference is 42 years old.”

With the determination to find her 'eternal mate', Oksoon put on a veil and started 'self-introduction time'. Oksoon, who introduced herself as a 36-year-old western painter, also revealed a splendid career by winning two consecutive awards at the Korea Art Exhibition and being appointed as the youngest professor. Oksoon said, “I got married on the third meeting, and the married life was about a month and a half. We parted on good terms,” he said. Lastly, Hyun-sook confessed the heartbreaking story of a 34-year-old radiologist who gave birth and married at the age of 21, but divorced at the age of 24.

The single men and women shared their inner thoughts after the 'self-introduction time' was swept away. Sun-ja said, "I had a crush on Yeong-soo, but he said he couldn't do long distances..." while Hyeon-sook expressed her regret, saying, "I was shocked when Yeong-sik said that there were three (likeable people)." Single men also pointed out the situation of single women who have children with their ex-husbands, and regretfully said, "Isn't it better to raise (children) like a father when they are young?"

The selection of the first date of 'Solo Nara 16 Street' was carried out. After self-introduction, the single women who changed their minds continued to choose a reversal in response to the cry of single men, “Let’s go on a date with me,” shocking 3 MCs, including Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na. Young-soo, who received favorable votes from Young-sook and Soon-ja earlier in ‘Choosing First Impression’, fell down to ‘0-vote man’ after revealing that he has three children. Here, Young-ho washed away the humiliation of 'first impression 0 votes' by being chosen by Hyeon-sook and Soon-ja. Young-sik, who became a '0-vote boy' like Yeong-soo, belatedly found out that Hyun-suk had chosen Young-ho, and said, "It's a jackpot? A little shocked,” he said bitterly.

Subsequently, Yeong-cheol was chosen by Jeong-suk, and Kwang-soo, who went straight to Ok-soon, said, “I want a date with Yeong-ja. I don't like competition,” he changed his attitude and said, “Yes? What?” 3MC laughed. Like Kwang-soo's wish, Yeong-ja chose him, and Ok-soon also approached Gwang-soo and a '2:1 date' was established. Finally, Sang-cheol was chosen by Young-sook to go on a 'one-on-one date'.

Sang-cheol, who went on a date with Young-sook, said, “I thought no one would come. Didn’t you come here on purpose to avoid ‘many-to-one’?” In response, Youngsook boldly said, “I am confident in both ‘Many to One’ and Solitude.” The two arrived at a naengmyeon restaurant and ate bulgogi and naengmyeon. However, the atmosphere suddenly froze during the 'filial piety talk'. When Sang-cheol asked about Young-sook's comment, "I will not raise my son as a filial son," in 'Self-Introduction Time', Young-sook said, "If you become a filial son, you will never meet a woman. Taking care of your parents too much is not a good idea,” he said firmly and was taken aback. Sang-cheol, who hesitated, saying "Yes, what...", couldn't resolve the awkwardness in the cafe talk that followed, and ended the date in a hurry.

On the way back to the dorm, Sang-cheol fell asleep in the car, perhaps because of the 'time difference with America'. Later, in a heart-to-heart interview with the production team, he said, “Because I am sleepy, Youngsook-nim says, ‘Get some sleep,’ but that sounded like an expression of goodwill. After the date, the likability went up,” he confessed. However, he revealed his true intentions, saying, “Even if I have a baby, my parents are more important.” On the other hand, Youngsook confessed, "I'm driving at night, but even if I'm tired, please talk to me. I don't like it."

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google