Park Ji-hyun, reverse tribute 'form crazy'... 80 rice balls, drink making
Park Ji-hyun, reverse tribute 'form crazy'... 80 rice balls, drink making
The 'Tralala Brothers' reverse tribute Pongdabang was properly prosperous.

On TV CHOSUN's 'Tralala Brothers', which aired on the 19th, the 4-member Pong Team, Ahn Seong-Hoon, Park Ji-Hyun, Choi Su-Ho, and Yoon Jun-Hyeop's opening of a Pong Dabang was drawn. Transformed into F4, they made rice balls and fresh fruit juice for the fans and even performed a live stage in the first row of the cafe, having a valuable time with the fans. On this day, the broadcast recorded the highest viewership rating of 5.127%. (Nielsen Korea nationwide)

Seonghun Ahn, the eldest member of the Pong team, started making 80 rice balls with Jihyun Park, Suho Choi, and Junhyup Yoon. Ahn Seong-hun, who ran a rice ball restaurant himself, passed on his own special recipe to his younger siblings and made rice balls for fans with all his heart. The savory seasoned rice base made with tuna mayo, ham, and bacon kimchi made my mouth water just by looking at the rice balls. Here, he also drew attention by conveying a surprise tip for frying quail eggs.

In the meantime, Park Ji-hyun showed off her skillful cutting skills and was surprised. Regarding this, Park Ji-hyun revealed the secret, saying, "I once made three meals a day on a ship when I served as a maritime police officer." On the other hand, Yoon Jun-hyeop made viewers burst into bread by showing off his flimsy skills, such as stir-frying whole kimchi as well as clumsy cutting.

In addition, the behind-the-scenes of Ahn Sung-hoon's rice ball restaurant was also revealed. Ahn Seong-hoon drew attention by confessing that he had made up to 500 rice balls a day thanks to the fans, saying, "The business was not working due to the corona, but fans who watched 'Mr. Trot 1' came from all over the country."

The cafe has become a city full of fans. After the start of business (?), the four members of the Pong team fell into a mental breakdown for a while and wandered around, and then started making and serving storm drinks. In addition, a live stage exclusively for fans continued. In particular, the 4 members of the Pong team showed off their best live skills, admiring MC Jang Yoon-jung, saying, "Why are you so good?" The time to read the letters of the 4 members of the Pong team for the fans was even touching.

The corner of 'On the night when the mulberry shines' was filled with hotter tears than ever. In particular, the story of Jinwook, a fan who worked as a foster mother for 10 years, moved the audience. A fan who said he fell into emptiness and even went into depression after sending away his cherished children said that he regained his vitality in life thanks to Jin-wook. The fan said that the first child resembled Jin-wook, was white and bright, and said, "If I have a chance later, I would like you to come see my mother."

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter translated by google