JB, DM me for a crush on A, an ordinary woman who doesn’t have a one-sided relationship
In 2021, it was rumored once due to obscenity controversy
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GOT7 JB, non-celebrity female DM... Light words and repeated gossip
GOT7 JB, non-celebrity female DM... Light words and repeated gossip
Group GOT7's JAY B was embroiled in rumors about his private life. Sending a SNS DM (direct message) to an ordinary woman with whom he is not familiar. Beyond showing a crush on the opposite sex, it was pointed out that he was careless as a celebrity.

Recently, a captured copy of DMs exchanged with JB was posted on the Instagram story of a non-celebrity woman, A. Mr. A is a regular person and an influencer with tens of thousands of followers.

JB said, "You seem to go to clubs often, don't you?", "What do you usually do?", "I came across it by chance and watched it", "I'm not busy these days because it's a public service", "How old were you when the drama 'Dream High' aired? Nya", etc., intentionally expressed a liking for Mr. A.

Afterwards, criticism arose about JB's light words and actions. Netizens who saw the message commented, "It's famous for betting on non-celebrity women", "Most of them are women who post sexy photos", "It's not like this once or twice", "It's only known, there will be more", "Because it's already famous. I'm not surprised" and so on.

It is impossible to blindly criticize a celebrity's private life, but this is not the only time JB's gossip has been made. Also, fans are expressing regret that JB, who is currently serving as a public service worker, created such a controversy.
GOT7 JB, non-celebrity female DM... Light words and repeated gossip
GOT7 JB, non-celebrity female DM... Light words and repeated gossip
JB is a person who caused obscenity controversy in 2021. It's because while JB was broadcasting live on his personal SNS, a nude picture of a woman hanging on the wall was captured. Of course, the location of the broadcast was JB's private space, but the high-quality photos were exposed as they were on the live broadcast, and a problem arose.

In response, the agency said, "JB is usually inspired by the tone and mood of various photos, and the photos reflected during the live broadcast are the work of a fashion photographer who has worked with famous Korean artists." We sincerely apologize to the fans and the public for carelessly exposing some photos during the live broadcast."

However, this time, no official statement was made. This is because JB terminated his exclusive contract with his agency, CDNZA Records, in April.

JB made his face known through the 2012 drama 'Dream High'. He then debuted as a member of JYP Entertainment's group GOT7. Awards at various awards ceremonies, top rankings on overseas music charts, and music income due to the firepower of the fandom. Many achievements were achieved, but there were regrets.

The fact that GOT7's domestic awareness is not as well known as overseas. In the end, it had to be labeled as an 'export group'. The lack of popularity in Korea compared to overseas was a fatal flaw.

Active entertainment activities after completing social service cannot be guaranteed. If you return, you have to prove your worth as a singer JB and an artist. The overseas fandom will be announced, but the negative image of JB in various rumors has become a tag.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google