'Demon' name revealed, topicality and viewer ratings No. 1 "The final runaway of the devil is getting stronger"
'Demon' name revealed, topicality and viewer ratings No. 1 "The final runaway of the devil is getting stronger"
SBS 'Demon' finally revealed the name of the demon, and captured both topicality and viewership ratings. It took first place in the TV-OTT drama topicality category and mini-series aired on all channels for a week at the same time.

The 10th episode of SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Ghost', which aired on the 22nd, recorded 12% of households in the metropolitan area and 10.9% of households nationwide, and the highest rating at the moment rose to 13.7%. This is the highest figure among all mini-series broadcast over the past week. In particular, the 2049 audience rating, a key indicator of channel competitiveness and topicality, recorded 5.2%, maintaining first place for 5 consecutive weeks among all programs broadcast on all channels for a week. (Based on Nielsen Korea)

It also ranked first in topicality. As of the 24th, it took the top spot in the TV-OTT drama topical category announced by Good Data Corporation FUNdex. Even on the OTT platform, it still showed off its potential. In the OTT integrated search and content recommendation platform 'Kinolights', it has been holding the 1st place in OTT integration for the 5th week. Also, as of the 24th, according to FlixPatrol, 'Ghost' took first place not only in Korea, but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore in the global streaming service Disney+ TV show category.

The viewer ratings and topicality are also intertwined with the craze of 'replaying hidden demons'. In the last broadcast, Na Byeong-hee (Kim Hae-sook), the grandmother of Hae-hae (Oh Jeong-se), opened her mouth to reveal the demon's name, 'Hyang-i'. In particular, the number of detective viewers comparable to 'Sherlock' is increasing by capturing and expanding the name and photo from the Jangjin Middle School yearbook, which is estimated to have the most information about 'Hyangi', and the Lee Mok-dan case report restored by Munchun (Kim Won-hae). are doing

This is also affecting the replay of the poster and title video released by the production team before the first broadcast. Things that were not seen before the broadcast are gathering topics again. For example, the background of the 3-person main poster was 'Deokdal Tree', which originated from the old custom of hanging 'Deok', which means the body of a young child. A shadow symbolizing a demon was cast over each character on the character poster. In particular, San-yeong, who was intentionally out of focus and created a mysteriously mixed image, and San-yeong, who was possessed by a demon, cause goosebumps.

The same goes for the title video. The person who hanged himself in Deokdal's tree, the hand trying to open the door that shouldn't be opened, the shadow of the demon that gets bigger and bigger along the deep corridor of Hwawonjae, and the demon with long loose hair, as if revealing its own strength, have different meanings now. comes with In particular, as it turns out that the 'full moon picture' with branches hanging down was a clue to find the weakness of the demon that should not be known, the production team is admiring the foreshadowing that the production team predicted.

Curiosity about the identity of the demon, which will be revealed in the remaining two episodes until the end, also heightened to the highest level. Amidst various speculations, after the scene of "Ghosts are good at deception" was revealed in the preview video for the 11th episode to be broadcast on the 28th, various opinions have been divided on this.

The production crew said, “As long as the name of the demon is revealed, the final runaway of the demon becomes more intense. Against this, Sanyeong (Kim Tae-ri), Hae-hae, and Hong-sae (Hong-gyeong) find the last item related to the demon, the jade hairpin, and possess the name of the demon to get rid of the demon. It's not over until it's over. I hope you will be with us until the end.”

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google