YouTuber Dex, you're a natural flirting master
YouTuber Dex, you're a natural flirting master
The first protagonist of the golden badge of 'The Smiling President' was born.

In the 7th episode of JTBC's entertainment program 'The Smiling President', which aired on the 6th, the production team announced the final sales results after the 4th day of sales. Previously, the production team promised that if the total sales of the three restaurants exceed 640,000 won, they would go to work two hours late and prepare the ingredients themselves.

The total sales of the 4th day of the three restaurants recorded an all-time high of 940,000 won, and all the cast members cheered with joy. However, Kangyul Restaurant received a fourth penalty because it failed to exceed its target sales of 300,000 won. Lee Gyeong-gyu and Park Na-rae restaurants recorded 330,000 won and 320,000 won, respectively, and escaped from the penalty crisis. The final sales ranking was determined by net profit excluding operating expenses, and a breathtaking ranking announcement followed.

Park Na-rae restaurant recorded net profit sales of minus 50,000 won, and Lee Gyeong-gyu restaurant recorded net profit sales of minus 30,000 won, and awarded the first golden badge and a trophy of glory as a 'smiling president'. Park Na-rae and Kang-yul restaurants, which unfortunately failed to obtain the golden badge, also congratulated Lee Kyung-gyu for their hard work. President Lee Kyung-gyu said, "I will always work as a smiling president with a new menu and a new spirit," adding a heavy sense of responsibility, and shed tears of emotion called employee Nam Bo-ra.

On the 5th day of business, the production team devoted themselves to preparing ingredients for the three restaurants from early morning to keep their promise. Oking, who discovered the production team with inexperienced skills, possessed Lee Kyung-gyu, the president, and said, “I was fooled at the time. It would have been a big deal if there was a boss,” he started nagging and made everyone burst into laughter.

Gangyul Restaurant, which was driven to the edge of the cliff due to the results of the previous business, is in danger of going out of business if it receives a penalty on the 5th day of business. Employee Park Yoon added a sales passion by adding services without the knowledge of CEO Kang Yul while promoting flyers. Kang Yul and Yoon Hyun-min, who remained in the kitchen, started making arancini as soon as it opened, and orders came in within 3 minutes of opening. Kang Yul, the president, fell into a mental breakdown as orders continued to come in, and he spit out mistakes, dyeing the scene into a sea of laughter. Yoon-bak, who finished promoting the leaflet, was taken aback by the lack of arancini, but quickly completed the overdue order like an ace employee.

The Park Na-rae restaurant also faced a crisis. Narae Park, embarrassed by the fact that the ingredients prepared by the production team were not in their original place, was delayed in preparing for reorganization, and was placed in a difficult situation after receiving an order of 100,000 won from the first order. According to Han Seung-yeon's menu briefing, the restaurant Narae Park, who confirmed each person in charge, boasted perfect chemistry even though it was not ready.

However, Dex, who was struggling with a fryer failure and a series of orders, made a fatal mistake of skipping kimchi for pork belly gimbap, and President Narae Park was in danger of splashing oil in his eyes while preparing sweet and sour pork with a frying pan due to a breakdown of the fryer. In response, Dex was worried about the president, Narae Park, and caused excitement by wiping the oil himself, but Narae Park, even though his eyes were burning, only thought of food and showed growing one step further without any crisis.

On the other hand, unlike Park Na-rae and Kang-yul restaurants, which have been receiving orders since the start of business, orders began to arrive at Lee Gyeong-gyu restaurants, which had not received orders. In this business, Lee Kyung-gyu launched Mara Boneless Chicken Burger. Lee Kyung-kyu, who received a new menu order as the first order, made a mistake while preparing patties and bread at the same time, raising tension.

On the other hand, Nam Bo-ra, who proudly made Mara Boneless Chicken Rice in the previous sales, finally received the recipe from President Lee Gyeong-gyu. Nam Bo-ra surprised the president, Lee Kyung-gyu, by showing a confident appearance even with large orders. Lee Kyung-gyu, who was preparing food smoothly, was distracted by the orders that kept coming in, but he showed off multitasking for the first time after sales, drawing admiration from the staff. President Lee Kyung-gyu also showed a warm side by pretending not to know the mistakes of the employees.

Park Na-rae restaurant, who enjoyed a short break, received another order, and Dex, who discovered that the president Narae Park, who was cooking tteokbokki, moved the ingredients several times because of his small hands, said, "The boss's hands are really small," starting with his unique flirting technique. Even those who write flirting comments on customer receipts smiled.

Afterwards, the employees had a confession time that the boss did not know about. While sharing pork belly gimbap with the employees, Dex realized belatedly that the kimchi was missing from the pork belly gimbap served to the customers, which made all the employees laugh. Yoon Park revealed the secret that cheese or mushrooms were missing in the arancini, embarrassing Yoon Hyun-min, an employee at the same restaurant, and showed off his eccentric charm.

In addition, Yoon-bak, leaving Kang Yul, the president who is sensitive to sales due to the crisis of business closure, once again proposed a bet on drinks that are deducted from sales. Unlike the presidents Lee Gyeong-gyu and Park Na-rae, who readily accepted it, Kang-yul was worried, but he participated in the game, and the rock-paper-scissors game, which consisted of a single board, was defeated by Kang-yul restaurant.

Gangyul Restaurant, whose sales have already been deducted from the beverage service, Park Na-rae Restaurant, which is in crisis of refund, and Lee Gyeong-gyu Restaurant, which distributed the new Mara Boneless Chicken Burger, are said to be awarded the golden badge by only 16 won in a delivery competition that they do not even know.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter
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