"My wife's cancer battle ended in bereavement" The story of Yeong-shik in the 16th class 'I'm solo' is a sea of tears
"My wife's cancer battle ended in bereavement" The story of Yeong-shik in the 16th class 'I'm solo' is a sea of tears
'I'm SOLO (I'm solo)' 16th class Youngsik's story of his wife's death was revealed.

In ENA and SBS PLUS's 'I'm SOLO' aired on the 2nd, Youngsuk and Soonja clashed over Youngho, opening the beginning of an unusual 'Solo Nara 16 Street' romance from the beginning. In addition, as the stories of Youngho, who is single but legally single, Youngsu, the father of three children, and Youngshik, who sadly lost his wife due to illness, were revealed, the scene became a sea of tears immediately after 'Self-Introduction Time'.

Youngchul, who became a 'popular man' by winning three votes in the first impression selection earlier, drove Oksoon, Jeongsuk, and Sunja to the 'Solo Nara 16 Street' together. Gwang-soo and Sang-cheol moved together with the '0 vote boys'. In the car, Sang-cheol expressed his displeasure by saying, "I'm not in a good mood," and Kwang-soo said, "Let's write a drama about a big fight tomorrow when we introduce ourselves." Young-sik, who was chosen by Hyeon-suk in the first impression selection, headed to the dorm together and said, “Are you going to the grocery store? I asked Hyun-sook's doctor, and if he stays, he stays, and if we go together, he actively appealed, "As expected, this is it! It's fast", leading to 3MC's 'stormy applause'.

Young-sook and Sun-ja’s car was very quiet. Sunja said, “He said he couldn’t sleep here. When you sleep, your partner changes...", referring to the jungle-like atmosphere of 'Solo Nara'. Youngsook replied coolly, "If it changes while you sleep, it doesn't change even if you don't sleep." The first impression was Young-soo, but Young-sook's heart was already toward Young-ho. Young-sook said, “I was waiting for Young-soo in the car, and our eyes met.”

While preparing dinner, Kwang-soo approached Ok-soon and asked, “Are there any men who are curious?” Oksoon replied, "I think I'll get 0 votes." Then, Kwang-soo opened his heart, saying, “Ah, I can say no for now.” It's very cool," he said. At the dinner that followed, Ok-soon quietly made wraps and fed them to Gwang-soo, responding to his courageous confession.

Soon-ja, who was sitting in front of Young-ho, asked, “Do you like games?” befitting a “game maniac.” Young-ho showed a different tendency from Soon-ja, saying, “Games are like a waste of time.” However, Soon-ja said, “The way I talk is my style~” and showed her still good feelings, shocking 3MC. On the other hand, Youngchul cooked instant rice and provided chopsticks for quietness, and actively expressed his mind while washing the dishes together, saying, "If it's time tomorrow, let's go shopping together or match."

The time for men to choose their first impression has returned. The single women put all of their arms inside the box and waited for the single men's choice with a bizarre force, only slightly sticking out their hands like an octopus. With six hands tangled together, Yeong-soo chose Soon-ja in the first impression choice, where he had to find his 'familiar' hand and confess, but he confessed while holding Ok-soon's hand, and was scolded by saying, "Mungchung!" Young-ho also chose Young-sook, but he held Jeong-suk's hand and heard a harsh voice saying, "Get your senses!"

On the other hand, Yeong-shik chose Hyeon-suk, Yeong-chul chose Jeong-suk, and Sang-cheol chose Young-suk. When Yeong-ho, a 'familiar' man, chose her, Young-sook declared that she would go straight, saying, "Only Young-ho," but Soon-ja also showed her intention not to back down, saying, "I should listen to (Young-ho's) self-introduction." Following Yeongsu's first impression choice, Youngsook's interest in Youngho also coincided with Soonja, "I said it on purpose. It was a declaration of war,” he said confidently, saying, “I can beat Sunja in everything except for my age.” Young-ja, who was the only one who was not chosen for the first impression, shed tears, saying, “I thought of my child too much,” and then said, “I will do my best until the end.”

The next morning, Youngsook and Jeongsuk had breakfast with scorched rice cooked by Youngchul, and Gwangsu said, “Youngsook is here. Go,” he coached Sang-cheol, but Sang-cheol said, “Focus on eating…” and avoided the seat. Youngsuk and Jeongsook also criticized the passive solo men's attitude, saying, "This is an opportunity, but it's frustrating" and "Are you here to make friends?" On the other hand, Hyeon-sook and Young-sik promised to take a walk, and raised the pink temperature by promising to “introduce yourself and not do it.”

At the 'self-introduction time' that finally started, Young-ho introduced himself as a 37-year-old display engineer for company S. Youngho, who is legally 'single' because he did not register for marriage, said, "I prefer a person with a bright, positive, and healthy heart." . Following this, Young-soo, a 41-year-old rehabilitation trainer, expressed his strong desire for 'new love', saying, "It's been 4 years since I divorced and I am a non-custodial parent."

Young-shik, a 41-year-old engineer at L Electronics, said, “I live in Cheongju, raising two children, a 13-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son.” In particular, Youngsik said, “Becoming Dolsing was not decided by my own will. My wife went to heaven first because she was not feeling well. After fighting cancer for a little over 4 years, I decided to go first.” He surprised everyone by confessing. He continued, “I decided to appear on ‘I’m SOLO’ on the recommendation of the children” and added, “The children said, ‘Dad, I wish I could meet a good girlfriend’”, making the scene a sea of tears.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google