Group Sevenus, "Re-debut after 7 years, new and exciting"
Group Sevenus, "Re-debut after 7 years, new and exciting"
The group Sevenus expressed their feelings about the new re-debut.

On the 31st, a showcase commemorating the release of Sevenus' first single, 'Summús', was held at Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

After winning runner-up with Team 7 in JTBC's 'Peak Time', which aired earlier this year, Seven Earth will take a new leap forward with 'Summús'.

'Summús' is a compound word of summer and us, and is an album that contains the special feelings of Heejae and Leere in line with the concept of our summer. As this is the first step under the name of Seven Earth, you can feel the gratitude to the fans who made it possible for them to stand on stage again, and the aspiration to soar with the fans.

The title song 'Wonder Land' is a song that compares the story of Seven Earth, which miraculously got another chance thanks to fans' love, to the dreamy mystery of a summer night. The mystery of the green summer forest and the story of being a light for each other convey a beautiful sensibility like a fairy tale.

Both members seemed trembling as this was the first step they took as Seven Earth, which debuted in 2016 with the group 'Mask'. Heejae replied, “We had our first debut showcase in the same place in 2016, but now, 7 years later, we debuted under the name of 7us, so it feels new.” Ire showed a trembling expression, saying, "I joined in the middle of the previous team, so the debut showcase itself is the first time.

Heejae replied, "For the title song 'Wonderland', we focused as much as possible on the vocal aspect. We put a lot of our ideas into the choreography as well. I would be grateful if you enjoyed the point part." He then expressed his confidence, "This is an album that we prepared really hard for. From the song selection, to the outfits, to the atmosphere of the music video, there is no part where our opinion has not been included. It is an album that we can confidently recommend, so we would appreciate it if you would trust and listen to it."

Ire showed affection, saying, "This song focuses on the message. It contains the message of relying on each other and advancing to a bright place together. Thanks to the fans who love us, we were able to make a re-debut, so we put that kind of heart into it."

He said it was hot while filming the music video. Heejae laughed, "I tend to sweat a lot. If I run for about a minute, I spend 10 minutes cooling off my sweat." In this music video, acting is also a point worth paying attention to. In response, Ire praised, "I received a lot of help from Heejae."

In addition to this, each track is included, such as 'Summer Ride', which reminds you of the blue sea and clear sky in midsummer, and 'In a Dream', which reminds you of the refreshing feeling and deep green light after pouring rain.

Released at 12 noon on the 31st.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia
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