Eyes focused on Shim Dal-ki, the true identity of the 'Ghost'
Eyes focused on Shim Dal-ki, the true identity of the 'Ghost'
The true identity of the 'devil' was Sim Dal-gi.

SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Ghost' is a Korean-style occult mystery drama in which a woman who is possessed by a demon and a man who can see the demon dig up a mysterious case. In the play, Sim Dal-gi appeared as the real identity of the demon, 'Hyang-i Lee', who was shrouded in secret, giving a twist to the twist.

On the 29th, Sim Dal-gi shared his thoughts on appearing in 'Ghost' and his feelings of gratitude through his agency Saram Entertainment.

Shim Dal-gi said, “As soon as I saw the scenario, I fell in love with ‘The Devil’. Hyangi was not an innocent victim that is often encountered, but a person who boldly revealed the stupidity, deficiency, and desire that one could have as a person.” I felt resolute,” he said, revealing his affection for the character. On the other hand, he also thanked the senior and junior fellow actors and staff who worked together. He said, “Everyone on the set was sincere about ‘The Devil’, and the affection and detail for the character was great. In a way, Hyangi is a person with a tragic and gloomy story, but it is good enough to say that she was happy throughout the filming. I am grateful to everyone for meeting the set."

In the 11th episode of 'Ghost', which aired on the 28th, the past story of Lee Hyang-yi, a real devil, was revealed and shocked viewers. The fact that Lee Hyang-yi was Lee Mok-dan's (Park So-yi) older sister and second child, and he, who was greedy for learning after escaping from a poor family, was furious at the fact that he had to sacrifice himself to death for the sake of his family. It was revealed that he handed it over to (Oh Yeon-ah). In addition, after Hyang-i Lee handed over his younger brother Mok-dan Lee, the mother committed suicide in shock, and the father and brother died in a storm at the beach where they went to work, and the family was shattered. It was revealed that he had become a demon with deep resentment, shocking viewers.
Eyes focused on Shim Dal-ki, the true identity of the 'Ghost'
Eyes focused on Shim Dal-ki, the true identity of the 'Ghost'
In particular, Shim Dal-gi directly acted the whispering voice of the demon, which was shrouded in secret from the beginning of the play, and raised the sense of dramatic immersion to the fullest with a goose-inducing voice, revealing a presence that was indispensable to the 'ghost'. Moreover, in the 11th episode, the real demon Lee Hyang-yi, who gave a twist, portrayed the past narrative with in-depth acting, leaving viewers in awe. In response, viewers showed high interest, saying, “The identity of the demon was Shim Dal-gi,” “The appearance of the demon is intense,” and “The voice is really creepy.”

Sim Dal-gi, who showed ripple power with a short but strong presence in the drama 'Ghost', is drawing attention from viewers by appearing in popular works such as 'Juvenile Judgment', 'Our Blues', and 'Ghost'. As a result, much anticipation and interest is focused on the move of Sim Dal-gi, who is building various filmography from home theater to OTT.

Meanwhile, Shim Dal-gi is scheduled to return with Disney+'s original series 'Moving', which will be released on August 9th.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr
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