'Numbers' ahead of the final episode, will Kim Myung-soo and Choi Jin-hyeok's revenge succeed?
'Numbers' ahead of the final episode, will Kim Myung-soo and Choi Jin-hyeok's revenge succeed?
'Numbers: Watchers of the Building Forest' gave a sense of tension with the development of a twist.

Will Jang Ho-woo (Kim Myung-soo), Han Seung-jo (Choi Jin-hyuk), Jin Yun-ah (Yeon-woo), and Jang Ji-soo (Kim Yu-ri) complete the thrilling cider ending by realizing justice?

In the 11th episode, which aired on the 28th, Jang Ho-woo and Han Seung-jo carried out a pincer operation with Jin Yun-ah and Jang Ji-soo and launched a final counterattack against Han Je-gyun. The first mission they had to solve was to save Jisan Bank, which was subject to sale due to a bank run. Jang Ho-woo told Jin Yeon-ah everything about his past for the first time, and Han Je-gyun made up his mind that he would never get his hands on Jisan Bank. As they became stronger, the two grew closer.

Afterwards, Jang Ho-woo, Han Seung-jo, and Jin Yuna started a full-scale operation to save Jisan Bank. First of all, Jang Ho-woo and Jin Yun-ah, with the help of Jang Ji-soo, went to Shin Jun-ho (Nam Gyeong-eup), chairman of Taeil Accounting Corporation, and told them all about Han Je-gyun's work and future plans. Here, other accountants, including Han Seung-jo, also put their missions together. To do so, he had to secure the deposit amount of Jisan Bank, which was the most sure and fundamental solution and the only way, and he set out to get help from other banks for this. Jang Ho-woo and Han Seung-jo worked day and night to find a way to save Jisan Bank, and the team play of the accountants, who began to tighten Han Je-gyun's neck in their own ways, was exciting and increased immersion.

Despite such efforts, the crisis continued at Jisan Bank. In the meantime, Han Je-gyun has already taken over the Financial Services Commission, which is the final authority that allows buying and selling of banks. It was only a matter of time before Jisan Bank fell into his hands as long as he passed the eligibility test for the majority shareholder. Jang Ho-woo and Han Seung-jo tried to reverse the situation by using the data that Jang Ji-soo had to pressure the Financial Services Commission members, but it was not Han Je-gyun who would be easily defeated by this. Han Je-kyun, who sensed a suspicious energy in their actions, had already postponed the eligibility test indefinitely. Here, Han Je-gyun's intention to elect a new Korean branch of HK private equity fund to replace Jang Ji-soo was hidden.

However, Han Je-gyun's greed became another opportunity for Jang Ho-woo, Han Seung-jo, and Jisan Bank. It is because he caught Han Je-gyun off guard by opening a surprise eligibility test for major shareholders. It was a thrilling result created by the efforts of the accountants who had persuaded the banks to secure the deposit amount of Jisan Bank, and the pincer attack by Jang Ji-soo, who had a smoking gun in her hand that would destroy Han Je-gyun's personal connections. Jin Tae-soo held a press conference and frankly revealed his mistakes, and the evidence Jang Ji-soo held in his hand made the members of the Financial Services Commission turn their backs on Han Je-gyun. In addition, Jang Ho-woo and Han Seung-jo proposed a bank association to overcome the crisis together in the event of a bank run, and as they succeeded, Jisan Bank's BIS ratio also fell below 8%. There was also help from Shin Jun-ho, who secretly opened support fire from behind. In the end, Han Je-gyun received a disqualification result in the major shareholder eligibility test, and it was a result that everyone achieved together, so it was even more exhilarating.

Jang Ho-woo's revenge to destroy Han Je-kyun continued. Jang Ho-woo, who had been collecting data and evidence on the evil deeds committed by Han Je-kyun, handed over all the data to the prosecutor, and as his earlier reports on the evil deeds to foreign media with the help of friends came to light, the media began to move. . Here, Ji-soo Jang made a statement about what happened at HK Private Equity, and the barista in the company also revealed everything about Han Je-gyun's Noblesse Oblige. In the end, all of his evil deeds burst like a flood, and Han Je-kyun was dismissed from his position as vice-president of Taeil Accounting Firm and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, running toward the end of good and evil and retribution.

As such, 'Numbers', which now has only one episode left, is befitting the final round, Jang Ho-woo and Han Seung-jo, and Jin Yun-ah and Jang Ji-soo, who played the role of reliable helpers by their side, fiercely confronted Han Je-gyun and raged intensely for 60 minutes without rest. In particular, the appearance of Han Je-gyun, who had to pay for his crimes, was enough to provide catharsis. However, the scene where Han Je-kyun, who was imprisoned, smiled with a meaningful smile adorned the ending.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr
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