The shadow of the demon that disappeared from Kim Tae-ri
The shadow of the demon that disappeared from Kim Tae-ri
The shadow of the demon who untied his hair from Kim Tae-ri disappeared. What does the demon's voice say "It's over" mean?

The 11th episode of SBS' 'Ghost', which aired on the 28th, recorded 10.8% of households in the metropolitan area and 10.3% of households nationwide. At the moment, the highest viewership rating rose to 12.3%, firmly maintaining the first place in all programs in the same time zone and on Fridays. The 2049 audience rating, which is a key indicator of channel competitiveness and topicality, was 4.9%, ranking first in the same time zone and all Friday programs. (Based on Nielsen Korea)

On this day's broadcast, the whole story of the plan to trick Na Byeong-hee (Kim Hae-sook) into telling himself the name of the demon was first revealed. Hae-hae (Oh Jeong-se) decided that if San-young (Kim Tae-ri) played the evil spirit, he had a chance to win by using “Munbangsu-nal”, “the only day in a year when ghosts cannot come out.” And Chi-won (Lee Gyu-hoe), who had taken all of Byeong-hee's 'time' for over 30 years, contributed decisively. Chi-Won turned her back on Byeong-Hee, who killed her son, and changed all calendars in the family to February 27, the day before the defense, and even reported in advance that San-Young was the daughter of Kang-Mo ( Jin Seon-Kyu). After tricking Byeong-hee into telling him the name of the demon, San-yeong left a scary warning to be careful, saying, “Since you broke your promise, Hyang-i will come to visit you.” And Chi-won transported Byeong-hee, who was screaming in anger, to the hospital.

Hae-hae and Hong-sae (Hong-gyeong), who found out their names, spurred on solving the last task. Hong-sae first obtained the life record of 'Lee Hyang-i', who attended Jangjin Middle School, from the Office of Education and found out her Chinese character name. Hae-hae met Kang-mo and found the jade hairpin at the apartment reconstruction site where the dead librarian committed suicide. But there was something strange. In addition to the broken jade hairpin, it was questioned that it was too expensive to belong to Hyangi, the daughter of a poor fisherman. “Ghosts are good at tricks. It looks like the right answer, but it's often a trap,” as Gyeonggi Yi (Moon Sook) warned, it was necessary to check if the jade hairpin was real.

In the meantime, Chiwon completed his revenge. He went to Byeong-hee's hospital room with a proposal to dismiss the CEO and opened the door that should not have been opened. Byeong-hee reminded Hyangi of the past when Hyang-i sold her younger brother Mokdan to the demon in the form of San-young and stood in front of her, saying, “I will save you who wants to live even after becoming such a demon.” However, Byeong-hee eventually got a red bruise on her wrist and jumped out the window. As he was killed by the demon he created, he paid the karma of heinous desire.

In fact, the child who received the 'red ribbon' from shaman Choi Man-wol (Oh Yeon-ah) was not Mokdan, but her older sister Hyang-i (Shim Dal-gi). However, after overhearing her parents saying, “They starve their children to death,” Hyangi gave the daenggi to her younger sister. And on the day Hyangi bought a 'glass bottle' containing the pigments she liked with the money she received for handing over her sister, her mother took her own life by hanging herself with a 'black rubber band'. Afterwards, the father and brother also went out to work on the boat, and the boat sank and died. Frightened, Hyangi ran to the main house on the sea and begged for her brother to be returned. However, Man-wol killed Mok-dan in front of Hyang-i. Then, “Are you angry and scared? You're going to become such an evil ghost. From now on, you are a demon,” and starved Hyang-i. Hyangi struggled to live to the end, pulling out Manwol's jade hairpin and stabbing her chest, but it was not enough. In the end, he was killed by Man-wol's knife while holding the broken 'Jade Binyeo' in his hand.

The evil spirit that even dealt with Byeong-hee in that way penetrated San-yeong's heart even more. San-yeong, who was ignored because she was young and had no money, tempted her by saying that the world would not change even if she worked hard and said, “If you are with me, you can be happy.” Also, unlike those who tried to use themselves to have something, they appealed, “I like you who want to live like you.” However, Sanyeong did not accept it, saying, “Go back to where you were.”

Hae-hae, who decided that if he found Hyang-i's body, he could find out the last story of the jade hairpin, together with Hong-sae, found the white bone corpse and the rest of the broken jade hairpin in a secret room hidden in the main house's warehouse. Just then, I got a call from Sanyeong. The demon made a last request to find his body. It was only then that Hae-hae realized why the demon had attracted him. Because the last item, 'Ok Binyeo', was in the home. However, at the moment when the question of why he was asking for something to get rid of the demons was still unresolved, the shadow of the demon with its hair untied turned into a shadow in the shape of a mountain spirit.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter translated by google