Singer-Actress Suzy’s Song Picks

Singer-actress Suzy poses during a photo shoot with TenAsia. [TenAsia/Lee Jin-hyuk]

Singer-actress Suzy poses during a photo shoot with TenAsia. [TenAsia/Lee Jin-hyuk]


Look at her from the front and her big round eyes look as if they will drop tears any moment. Look at her from the side and her longish eyes will seem to hold a playfulness to them. And her front teeth, protruding slightly like those of a rabbit, complete her young and fresh look.

Suzy of girl group miss A, is has been making headway into turning into an actress. After starring in film “Architecture 101″ and KBS’s mini-series “Big,” she is leading MBC’s Monday and Tuesday mini-series “Kang Chi, the Beginning,” into its second half, as the tough yet pure Dam Yeo-wul.

Filming for her current show has been going on for days and nights, yet on the day TenAsia went to meet her at MBC’s production center in the Gyeonggi Province, she still had a smile on her face. Suzy, in the midst of filming episodes 18 and 19 of the drama, remarked, “It’s sad to see that time has flown by so quickly but I’m working hard due to the love our viewers have shown us.”

Of course, she sometimes does not have enough physical strength to shoot the martial arts scenes. “The martial arts scenes need to be shot several times so sometimes my arm will hurt because my sword is heavy, and those scenes are just tough physically,” she said.

In the drama, she recently showed her character’s clumsy sewing skills so how about in real life? Suzy laughed and answered, “Sewing, (laughs) I’m not good at. And cooking, I could if I tried, but I’m a bit lazy about that too so I think I’m similar to Yeo-wul in that sense.”

But when asked about love, she became the Suzy who is known for her image as ‘everyone’s first love.’ “If I were Yeo-wul and I was really in love, I don’t think it would matter if he was human or not,” she replied when asked about her character’s love with half-man half-beast Kang-chi (Lee Seung-ki).

Below are the original soundtracks Suzy enjoys listening to that she revealed to TenAsia.


The cover of "Kang Chi, the Beginning OST Part 5" [Loen Entertainment]

Cover to the OST album of drama “Kang Chi, the Beginning” [Loen Entertainment]

1. Suzy’s “Don’t Forget Me” [translated title] – OST for “Kang Chi, the Beginning”

“I think I’m more attached to this song because I recorded it in the middle of working on this drama. It was played for the first time when Kang-chi remembered a memory he has with Yeo-wul. I was proud to be able to provide my voice to the show too.”

“Don’t Forget Me” is a traditional ballad song where Suzy’s voice sounds more plaintive with the tunes of a splendid orchestra added to a lyrical melody.




The cover to "I'm Sorry, I Love You OST." [Ogam Entertainment]

Cover to the OST album of drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You.” [Ogam Entertainment]

2. Park Hyo-shin’s “Snow Flower” – OST for “I’m Sorry, I Love You”

“I love Park Hyo-shin’s voice. I think his voice is attractive in how it’s thick yet fragile. I think there’s a reason this song took first place among top winter songs, even when the show itself aired almost ten years ago. I like the original song by Mika Nakashima as well.”

Park Hyo-shin’s “Snow Flower” received a lot of love as the original soundtrack to KBS’s drama “I’m Sorry, I Love You” which aired in 2004. It became Park’s most well known song. The song itself was originally sung by Japanese artist Mika Nakashima but critics said Park digested the song as well as the original.




Cover to "Big OST" [CJ E&M]

Cover to the OST album of drama “Big” [CJ E&M]

3. Gong Yoo’s “Because It’s You” [translated title] – OST for “Big”

“This is the song that Gong Yoo sang for drama ‘Big’ which I was in last year. I liked how he sang it so calmly and it almost seemed like his character Kyung-jun was singing it. It was hard to do the acting where I treat Kyung-jun as my friend after his soul enters someone else’s body, but it was fun.”

“Because It’s You” [translated title] was written and composed by a hit OST composer. The song was inserted into the drama from a woman’s point of view with Davichi’s voice and from a man’s point of view with Gong Yoo’s voice.




Cover to the OST album of movie "Architecture 101." [KT Music]

Cover to the OST album of movie “Architecture 101.” [KT Music]

4. Kim Dong-ryul’s “Shadow of Forgetfulness” – OST for “Architecture 101″

“This song was released before I was born so I actually didn’t know this song well before. But I fell in love with it while filming ‘Architecture 101.’ It’s embedded in my memory even more because I showed special moments with this song with Lee Juck on last year’s “College Musicans Festival” and with SHINee’s Minho on KBS’s “Music Bank.”

Exhibition released “Shadow of Forgetfulness” in 1994. The song became popular again after being used as the soundtrack for movie “Architecture 101″ which was set in the 1990s.




Cover of OST album for drama "Phoenix." [KT Music]

Cover of OST album for drama “Phoenix.” [KT Music]

5. Lee Seung-chul’s “Fate” [translated title] – OST for “Phoenix”

“Lee Seung-chul has sung a lot of OSTs for dramas. But I think this is the best amongst them – the lyrics he himself wrote for the song, and Yoon Il-sang’s melody, all went well with the plaintive mood of the drama.”

“Phoenix,” starring Lee Seo-jin and the late Lee Eun-joo, gained favorable response by viewers by depicting on a fateful love. It is also famous for Eric’s line, “Don’t you smell something burning?”




Reporter. Lie Jae Won
Photographer. Lee Jin Hyuk
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