Jeonju Film Fest to Support 3 Rising Korean Directors to Make Short Films

Jeonju Film Fest to Support 3 Rising Korean Directors to Make Short Films

Jeonju International Film Festival [JIFF] has chosen three of the country’s rising directors to adapt Kim Young-ha’s novels into big screen.

The 14th festival has picked three independent film directors Lee Sang-woo, Lee Jin-woo and brothers Park Jin-seong and Jin-seok to each take the microphone for one of its main programs “Short! Short! Short! 2013,” JIFF announced on January 22.

“Short! Short! Short! 2013” is JIFF’s program which enables talented directors to each make short films under one theme or each other’s themes. The resulting films are screened at the festival. This year’s all three short films are to adapt novelist Kim Young-ha’s short stories to the big screen.

“We not only support young filmmakers but also promote outstanding short stories abroad. The synergy between literature and cinema is expected to create something very exciting beynd the field of filmmaking,”JIFF officials said, expressing their high expectation of the program.

Director Lee Sang-woo is known for his distinctive and critical portrayals of Korean society in his films such as “Tropical Manila,” “Father Is A Dog,” “Mother Is A Whore,” “Barbie” and most recently, “Fire in Hell,” which was invited to the Moscow International Film Festival.

Director Lee Jin-woo came under the spotlight after directing melodrama “Sundays In August” and the 2006 short film “The Wind Stirs” which received the Sonje award in the Wide Angle category at the 11th Busan International Film Festival.

Directorial pair Park Jin-seong and Park Jin-seok co-wrote the original screenplay of 2007 period horror “Epitah” and co-wrote and directed a horror chronicle “VIY” after adapting Russian novelist Gogol’s novel of the same title.

Kim Young-ha is one of the handful of novelists in Korea who succeeded in grabbing both popularity from the public and praises from the critics. Many of his works were published abroad including “The Empire of Light,” “The Quiz Show” and “Your Republic Is Calling You.”

The festival experienced turbulent times last year with the dismissal of its programmers prompting concerns about the future of the event.

JIFF is expected to enter a new phase of stability thanks to the appointment of a new chief programmer, Kim Young-jin, professor at Myong-ji University and renowned film critic and programmer Lee Sang-yong, former programmer at the Busan International Film Festival.

JIFF is one of Korea`s major film festivals which showcases alternative and independent films in the city of Jeonju. The festival, which will also feature short films and various cultural events, is to open from April 25 to May 3 this year.

Jeonju Film Fest to Support 3 Rising Korean Directors to Make Short Films

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