Korea Entertainment Media Co. LTD owns TenAsia, an online Korean entertainment media outlet and 10+Star, a print magazine published in five languages in more than seven countries, making it a frontrunner among media outlets specializing in Korean entertainment.

TenAsia does not take advantage of the broader trend of Korean pop culture known as the Korean Wave by reporting solely on the popular stars but also focuses on the people in all facets of the entertainment industry including those who work for, in and behind the scenes of dramas, films and music.

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TenAsia is a Korean entertainment media outlet founded in November 2008 and a brand that focuses not just on breaking news but more on interviews and feature stories with new and different angles.

TenAsia is not a media outlet that reports on the same repetitive entertainment news the Internet is already flooded with.

TenAsia’s reporters, each with a facet of the industry they specialize in, report on an issue only after discovering its value through thorough and comprehensive analysis.

TenAsia is currently available in Korean, English, and Japanese and continues to grow with the support of its readers from around the world.

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A monthly Korean entertainment magazine that aims to become ‘a magazine with much to see and read’ and ‘a magazine worth collecting.’ The magazine originally started as a bimonthly publication in November 2010 under the name <10+> and has been a monthly publication named <10+Star> since January 2012.

The magazine’s value has been recognized overseas and is currently sold in five languages in more than seven countries.

- Languages: Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese

- Countries sold: South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China

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